Entire Police Force of a Mexico Town Arrested After Mayor’s Murder


As we allow thousands of illegal aliens to come in without any screening whatsoever, chew on this. A Mexico town’s entire police force was arrested after a mayor was murdered.

Following his murder, federal forces arrested the local police director and 27 officers on suspicion of involvement in the crime in Ocampo.

Via the Mirror:

Authorities in the western state of Michoacan said all members of the town’s police department had been detained for questioning by the police’s internal affairs department for possibly violating the police code of conduct.

The town’s public security secretary, Oscar Gonzalez Garcia, was also arrested.

Local police had initially tried to stop federal forces from arresting the police director. But the federal agents returned with reinforcements and arrested Garcia and the entire local police force.

All were held on suspicion of complicity in the killing of Mr. Angeles, local media reported.

Prosecutors have accused them of having links to organized crime groups.

The point is Mexico is very corrupt. The only people said to not be corrupt are the female police. And we are letting these people come freely into the country without any sort of screening.

Just so you know, cartels hate the USA.


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