“Entrepreneur” AOC Owes Taxes on Her Defunct NYC Subsidized Business


There’s a piece of information that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would probably prefer to be left off her resume’.  Almost 9 years ago, the know-it-all socialist and leading Democrat mouthpiece actually tried giving Latina, female entrepreneurship a shot.

Ocasio-Cortez founded Brook Avenue Press in New York City.  The company’s goal was to publish children’s books.  The outfit was set up to “develop and identify stories and literature in urban areas like New York, specifically communities like The Bronx,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a YouTube video posted in October 2011…”  That was months before she filed incorporation papers for the company in July 2012.

AOC relied on a New York City subsidized program called the Sunshine Bronx Business  Incubator which aimed at helping start-ups in that borough.  AOC “was featured on the city’s website for the incubator, and The National Hispanic Institute named her a social entrepreneur in residence.”  

“You see a huge return on your investment here,” a 22-year-old Ocasio-Cortez told a reporter in July 2012. “People pay $500 an hour for consulting that we get for free by the water cooler.”

Somebody should have reminded the Boston College economics major of that old business cliché’, “You get what you pay for.”, cause in spite of the discounted workspace, coupled with gratis publicity and advice, the enterprise completely flopped.  

AOC’s promise to collaborate with “designers, artists, and authors that really know the urban story and help develop stories for kids.”, did not, according to the NY Post, produce a single book from her publishing house. 

What Ocasio-Cortez’s initial, and hopefully only, foray into the free market did produce was a warrant served by NYS on July 6, 2017, notifying her she owed $1,870.36 in unpaid corporate taxes.

All this is coming to light as AOC continues her very public push to raise taxes.

Please take a moment to check out the links.  They’ll prove we don’t make this stuff up, because, with gaffe-machine extraordinaire Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we don’t have to.   



  1. That she tried and failed at the entrepreneurial route is not an issue. The vast majority of all start-ups fail. The fact that like so many of her fellow ‘Rats, she refuses to pay her taxes, yet wants to raise ours to the sky makes her the worst kind of Commie hypAOCrite!

  2. And by now, I’m sure many of you have seen the video which shows that Cortez was selected as the “actor” from a casting call (literally) by the Justice Democrats to run against Crowley. Another Soros funded group working towards the destruction of America. This woman, by her own admission, in the video says, “I was working in a restaurant” and her brother suggested she answer the casting call. She won, out of about 35,000 applicants. Is this how we select our candidates now? This is frightening stuff, when huge money can back a candidate while standing in the shadows, it defies the law regarding donations to candidates and PACS. She is a puppet, nothing more, but a lot less.

  3. What a dope…

    However, I suppose congratulations are in order to the COMMUNIST PROFESSORS in Academia who grind out sub-morons like this, as well as those STUPID, BRAINWASHED and PARASITIC ENOUGH to vote for her.

    If you don’t believe that she is as DUMB as I contend, listen to her “explain” herself in her own words:


    This brainless boob is a total puppet of the HARD LEFT Alinskyites that pull her strings and put the empty words she vomits out into her mouth.

    As far as I’m concerned regarding what I believe will be a BIG contribution to a Democrat debacle in 2020, she can’t be on TV enough…

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