Enviro-Loons Contributed to the California Fires as President Trump Said


Trump-hating Governor Jerry Brown asked President Trump for help dealing with the latest wildfires that have so far claimed seven lives. The fires threaten to grow further out of control. The President is sending 200 military in response.

He also tweeted that bad environmental policies are making their problems worse.

They have made it worse, as the President said. The enviro-loons won’t let management cut down a tree and that is needed.


Retired Fish & Wildlife biologist Jim Beers addressed that very issue when the Alaska willdfires were out of control in 2015.

Instead of dealing with the actual issues of poor forest management, the enviros go off into irrelevant, unconnected issues of climate change. That is where the money and efforts go to no avail.

Mr. Beers wrote:

The fires in Alaska and the western United States are entirely due to fire fuel accumulation on government land and landscapes inhospitable to access, fuel management or firefighting:

Lands where timber management no longer exists; lands where timber companies and sawmills are extinct; lands where “endangered species” demands make water unavailable to fight fires; lands where grazing is being eliminated; lands where roads are bulldozed closed; lands where firewood collection is restricted; lands where hunting is disappearing thanks to government wolves and grizzly bears; lands where camping and hiking are less available and more dangerous thanks to government predators; lands that no longer generate revenue for federal owners.

Local revenue, businesses, states, and the local families and communities are increasingly isolated in penury.

In short, whining about wildfires and how to pay for them by blaming climate or funding restrictions in a nation OVER $18 TRILLION IN DEBT while destroying the sustainable management of RENEWABLE NATURAL RESOURCES on government land for REVENUE and human benefit is akin to claiming Jewish property in Nazi Germany based on the fact that they “abandoned” it!

One need look no further than the incredible quote, “‘So less forest management gets done because the budgets are essentially raided’, says Tim Mahoney director of America’s Wilderness Program at the Pew Charitable Trusts. ‘It’s a terrible way to run an agency.’”?? “Hello out there! Does anyone reading that understand what it says?”

The Pew “Charitable” millions, Wilderness advocacy and government Wilderness Declarations underpin all the other closures and torching of rural America by these advocates of environmental radicalism and the government mechanisms they have conquered and now control.


Three years ago yesterday, the Obama EPA accidentally released millions of gallons of heavy metals and toxic compounds into the Animas River in Colorado. They did not alert the public of the spill until the day after it occurred, despite the known risks of the operation. They have refused to pay any damage claims.

The leftist governance is poor at best, criminal at worst.

EPA Pumps a Million Gallons of Contaminated Water Into Animas River, Thinks It Might Be a Problem

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