Environazis Are Fining People for Garbage in Their Garbage


Seattle will shame people who throw food garbage in their garbage. A bright red tag will be posted on the garbage bin of anyone who puts more than 10% food in their trash cans.

This began January 1st.

I wonder how much garbage sifters will be paid to monitor this.

By summer, offenders will be fined.

They expect people to grind their food into compost, even if they live in apartments. If they can’t, they have to put it in a separate pail and pay to have it taken away.

In case you didn’t guess, one of Seattle’s councilwomen is a socialist and a bona fide occupier. She says she is a socialist but subscribes to communist values.

The socialist is the one on the left in the photo below giving the commie salute.
Why can’t you put biodegradeables in the garbage you ask?

Because the EPA says they degrade into methane and they add to CO2 but if you make it into compost, it will be good for the environment.

These environazis are going to run every aspect of our lives and we will find ourselves living as servants to their will. We are supposed to be telling them what to do not the other way around.

Their other issue is it smells bad and attracts rodents.

Another reason they are telling people what to do is people shouldn’t waste food – as if that is any of their business.

Why are people allowing this extremism or have they been so numbed they don’t even know it’s extreme?

Rise up people of Seattle. This is nuts!

The Seattle garbage police don’t have to look hard for violations. They’re in plain view they say. One garbage Stazi said every fifth can violates the law.

“You can see all the oranges and coffee grounds,” he continued, raising one lid. “All that makes great compost. You can put that in your compost bin and buy it back next year in a bag and put it in your garden.” The government will keep the profits of course.

Apartments and businesses with foreigners who don’t understand will be fined on their behalf.

This law is just another way to control people. That’s what these loons are really about. Wise up.


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