Environmental Groups Petition the EPA to Reverse Obama Era Greenhouse Gas Finding


Environmental groups have filed administrative petitions with the EPA asking for a review of the agency’s “endangerment finding” that served as the justification for Obama’s climate change agenda.

The Austin, Texas, Public Policy Foundation, a think tank and environmentalist group, have filed a petition in the name of the Liberty Packing Company who pack tomatoes to make tomato paste. The company’s boilers are fired by natural gas and give off gas which is regulated stringently by the EPA. Tomato processing is one of the greenest of processes, yet they are considered polluters. The think tank represents many other companies as well.

Eventually these companies will not be able to survive.

The Foundation is asking the EPA to reverse the 2009 Obama era findings that claimed greenhouse gases are dangerous because their findings are dangerous.

In 2009, the Obama administration determined that greenhouse gases pose a danger to human health and welfare. Carbon Dioxide is the most prevalent and it is the stuff of life. It is everywhere and in everything. Saying CO2 is a danger allows the EPA to regulate everything everywhere.

This extreme ruling gives the EPA extreme power. It gives power mongers and lunatics power over all of us.

The Supreme Court in a 2007 ruling gave the EPA a nominal excuse to come out with this endangerment finding.

SCOTUS did not consider that the EPA never submitted the finding to a science advisory board for peer review and relied on the rushed and tainted findings of the EPA.

As an example of how dangerous the ruling is, take Obama’s 2014 EO. In 2014, Mr. Obama issued an Executive Order titled, CLIMATE-RESILIENT INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT. It requires “the integration of climate-resilience considerations into all United States international development work to the extent permitted by law.”

We now have NASA studying climate change, the DoD is focused on it, the DoE teaches it and on and on. It’s raised the costs of everything we do and agencies are all doing climate change at the expense of real science education, space exploration, defense.

Cow dung is regulated. No joke, in California, cow farts are regulated.

People walking down the street emit CO2 and they can be regulated. It needs to stop.

John Podesta, a Soros tool, boasted the ruling can’t be stopped, but maybe it can be.

Listen to the audio on The Jacki Daily Show. You won’t regret it.

Ted Hadzi-Antich, senior attorney in the Center for the American Future, joins Jacki to discuss how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) received two petitions from environmental groups to review the agency’s “endangerment finding” that served as the justification for Obama’s climate change agenda.

The nation’s control freaks Democrat climate hysterics – don’t care about science, they use fake science to control. We have to check these crazies.


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