Environmental Protesters at Dakota Pipeline Left Behind 250 Truckloads of Trash


KFYRTV reports that the leftists protesting at the Dakota Access Pipeline left behind 250 truckloads of trash. These are the environmental purists. Sanitation crews are working hard to get rid of the six months worth of garbage before the spring thaw.

In a month the trash could become toxic.

“Standing Rock Environmental Protection Agency and Dakota Sanitation are working together to try and advert an environmental tragedy,” says Tom Doering, Morton County Emergency Manager.

Each load that’s dumped is inspected by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department. They’re looking for dead bodies and evidence of crimes.

These leftists, as usual, are pigs claiming to care about the environment. That has been consistent in all the protests and marches.

To make matters worse for the dirty environmentalists, there’s news that is making them furious. The pipeline is being built and it’s being expedited. It will be finished in June.

The Daily Caller reports:

Energy Transfer Partners believes the last reaming feet of the 1,172-mile long line will be finished and put into operation by the end of June.

Legal experts believe the pipeline’s construction is expected at this point, meaning its opponents face long odds convincing any court to halt the $3.8 billion project.

Wayne D’Angelo, an energy and environmental lawyer in Washington, D.C., told reporters the Trump administration was on “pretty solid legal ground.”

The U.S. Army approved the project Wednesday, less than two weeks after President Donald Trump signed orders expediting the so-called DAPL. His order essentially paved the way for the previously rejected pipeline to move forward.



      • Sorry to tell you but this story is fake. Do you think this is anything new? Do you honestly blindly trust what you are always told? Dig just a little and you will find the truth. They dumped the trash and blamed it on the water protectors. Morton county and our government is doing what they need to do to make you think the way they want you to. What a sad story for you to post when you know it is a flat out lie. The people are watching and most are not falling for it. Watch the videos of them dumping it there before the story came out! They do clean their camp!

        • The video of the trucks dumping are dumping the gathered trash to a central location for trucks that actually take it to the dump so Greg and Cedar you obviously didn’t do the research that your telling other people to do …. good try libtard …

  1. Fact, Sheriff’s office confirms that the loads of trash were removed from the site the paid protesters were occupying. The local Indian Tribe also has made statements that they want these PAID protesters to leave.

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