EPA Has a New Mandate Fueled by Politics and Corruption



The Environmental Protection Agency wants to increase the amount of renewable fuel in the nation’s gasoline supply by about 700 million gallons in 2017, The Washington Examiner reported Wednesday.

The proposed standard could push past the blend wall, which oil companies characterize as the point at which a car’s engine can be harmed by having too much ethanol in gasoline.

About a third of the car manufacturers will void the new car warrantees if owners go to E-15 gasoline.

Where’s Congress? Where is the law that says the EPA can increase the worthless ethanol in gasoline by 2017? Isn’t that unconstitutional? They are playing games with a law on the books and Congress hasn’t acted to stop them.

These people in the EPA are unelected, leftist pencil pushers and they are writing laws.

There is a lot of question as to whether it saves on pollution and just how green it ends up being. Ethanol takes away from combustion and you’ll get a lot more out of a gallon of gas. We use a lot of energy to make the ethanol because we use corn. It’s not like Brazil where they use sugar.

The purpose of ethanol is really to pay off corn farmers, especially in time for the election. Everyone knows it.

We could always have another Cash for Clunkers program. We’ll have a lot more Clunkers on the road.

Again, where is Congress as these bureaucrats write laws?