EPA Head Boasts of Using ‘Regulations’ to Carbon Tax Us to Death


The leftists in the administration are now bragging about passing laws in the form of regulations, or at least Gina McCarthy is. We knew they were doing it, but it’s remarkable how out in the open they are now and how apathetic Americans are about it.

Karl Marx recommended forcing Socialism on governments by using the unelected toadies in government agencies to pass laws. That is also a tenet of the plan outlined by the Soros-funded Center for American Progress run by John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign advisor. It is part of the plan Barack Obama has followed for the past seven years. Gina McCarthy, the EPA head, said Friday that it is her job to create overreaching regulations that take the place of failed carbon tax legislation.

She admits with pleasure that she is writing legislation from the EPA, and she is doing it to fulfill a treaty not approved by the Senate.

Talking to a gaggle of activists and diplomats at a DC gathering, McCarthy said that it is her job to supplant legislation with regulations to fulfill their climate change deal signed in Paris. That deal is actually a treaty that is supposed to be approved by the Senate, but it will never be put before them.

No one objected to the lawless acts.

The agency can approximate carbon tax legislation, she said.

“There are many ways you can place a price on carbon, I think regulation is one of them,” McCarthy said, after being asked about the possibility of creating a nationwide tax on carbon emissions.

The president couldn’t pass “elegant” legislation to tax the populace, but regulations are the next best solution, she boasted.

“The president spent a lot of time in his first term, looking at whether or not you could do something broader through the legislature. That didn’t happen,” she said.

So, in Obama’s second term, “we just took a look at what authorities are available to us,” she said. “That does not mean they’re the most elegant of tools available to us.”

Nevertheless, she said the regulations would work, calling them “strong” policy drivers that send signals to the market.

Background information on this link:

Government Agencies Are Being Used to Forward a Far-Left Agenda


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6 years ago

The American public may be apathetic because half are working long hours to survive while the other half are on social media and waiting for their next welfare benefit. When it comes to apathy, lay that wreath at the feet of every member of congress. They sell us out every day and since they’ve got their piece of the pie, they really don’t care what impact it has on the rest of us. It’s been proven that Obama does not have his own social security number and that in fact he is still an illegal alien that overstayed his foreign student visa, just to mention a few indicators that he is not qualified to be president. Every thing Obama has done is null-and-void, including this carbon tax.

James in Texas
James in Texas
6 years ago

Only one suggestion for this “Thing”! Next year find a country that will shield you from arrest and offer you cover. If you don’t I look forward to watching you being “perp-walked” and sentenced to the rest of you life behind bars! You are a traitor to all things American and should actually be shot for treason!