EPA Head Gina McCarthy Says You’ll Have to Change the Way You Live


Gina McCarthy, the EPA chief, says there will be a “sea change” in how we power our nation. In a recent interview with a Mashable reporter, she made it clear we are abandoning fossil fuels and will rely solely on unreliable and costly alternative energy. The government will decide how we will live and how well we live.

This is another case of the government meddling in our lives and doing so unnecessarily.

McCarthy wants you to change all your lightbulbs though it obviously won’t do a thing for the climate. That’s only one of the many things the government will interfere in. In the interview on October 19th, she made it clear people will just have to change the way they live.

The conversation with Mashable was mostly about the withdrawal from use of HFCs in air-conditioners, insulation and so on and it is frustrating to listen to it since it was the government under Bill Clinton that forced them on us. Now they are going to use flammable chemicals in their place.

The interviewer said the Paris “Agreement” which is really a treaty didn’t need to be approved by Congress and he wondered if she thought the HFC rule would have to be and of course she didn’t see the need.

McCarthy was asked about the war on coal and she said she doesn’t like hearing it called that but coal use will be discontinued.


McCarthy spun governance by government agency and put a smiley face on dictums.

She ended by saying she has lost all patience with climate doubters.

In case people are wondering about the attorneys general who are trying to silence climate doubters by taking away their rights to free speech, the fascist effort continues and is being fought by EXXon and Libertarian organizations like CEI.

In her remarks at the American Bar Association Conference, on October 9th in Yosemite, she said, “This isn’t your grandparents’ world, folks. And budgets aren’t exactly booming for federal, state, or local government, far from it. Your members, and the whole environmental enterprise, have to think strategically, together, on how we strengthen our rule of law. We have to revisit the way we do business – how we implement our laws, design our regulations, and assure compliance to meet new and legacy challenges, if we are to remain successful.”

The rule of law to her is to violate the Constitution and govern by regulations. She calls the extraordinary expenses “investments” and the regulations are “smarter rules”.

“Let’s talk about a few things key things that are happening now.It’s because our laws have teeth, “she said. “It’s because EPA is empowered to enforce them. And it’s because of your work to uphold the integrity of our environmental statutes. Enforcement is democracy in action.”

She is talking about big government “enforcing” rules as if they were the law and the law enforcement arm. Congress continues to be ignored.

In a day when we are $20 trillion in debt with no sign of any politicians willing to or even discussing cutting spending, McCarthy is hiring “Diversity and Inclusion Specialists” who will, in one case, make six-figure salaries to “advise”, invoke the language of political correctness, and clamp down on peoples’ rights to say and do as they please.

We must all conform.

People will be hired based on minority status in what is clearly bigotry towards non-minorities.

The hire will “initiate collaborative efforts between Minority Academic Institutions and EPA Special Emphasis Program Managers to establish an ORD diversity and inclusion advisory body,” the agency said.

They are pushing a hard-left political agenda and you will be assimilated.


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