Marxist EPA Loses Battle to Seize Control of Water in a Virginia County



The EPA has lost their case to control water on privately-owned property in Virginia.


Ken Cuccinelli sent out this tweet yesterday –

BREAKING NEWS: We just heard word that we won our case against the EPA! This is a huge victory for liberty & taxpayers! More details to come.


The story I posted in early December follows:

The EPA’s latest overreach is beyond the pale. The inmates are in charge of the prison. Ken Cuccinelli likes to call the EPA the “Employment Prevention Agency.”

In addition to preventing job creation, the EPA wants other peoples’ private property and their money for non-existant or minor problems.

Two Federal lawsuits were filed this summer. One from the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, and the other by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on behalf of VDOT; both are challenging the EPA’s new regulations on storm run-off into Accotink Creek. The former group is liberal and the latter is conservative. They both agree that these new regulations must go.

When the left and right join forces against EPA regulations, you’d better start worrying about the regulations.

The regulations establish a maximum allowable amount of water that can flow into the creek. Rather than targeting pollutants, the EPA has decided to restrict the very thing that the Clean WATER Act is designed to protect – water. I’m serious!!! This isn’t some conspiracy theory, it’s reality!

The EPA can’t regulate rain and the runoff so they want to call rainwater a pollutant and require Virginia to clean up all those ‘pollutants.”

It would mean stealing and then tearing down homes and businesses to plant grass to control the runoff [via an abuse of Eminent Domain]. In one county alone, it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars, not counting the losses to private owners. This one creek would cost about half a billion dollars after the properties are stolen from private owners.

If the EPA gets their way here, they will move on to your county!

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