EPA Pumps a Million Gallons of Contaminated Water Into Animas River, Thinks It Might Be a Problem



The Environmental Protection Agency just turned the Durango River orange. A mine CLEANUP team accidentally dumped one million gallons of “potentially” hazardous wastewater into the river, CNN reported..


The Durango Herald reported that the spill carried heavy metals, including lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, copper and calcium at varied levels from the mine into a creek that feeds into the Animas River.

It’s “potentially” hazardous because the EPA did it. If a business did it, they’d be shutting them down and fining them.

“When I first saw it, I was speechless, [the river] didn’t look real,” said Durango, Colorado, resident Ian Lucier. “But in person, it truly looks like the river was turned into carrot juice.”

A team accidentally pumped the contaminated water into Cement Creek, a tributary of the Animas River. instead of pumping it inside a nearby mine, CNN reported. It had been flowing into a holding area outside the mine.

The EPA said it’s “tragic” and that it’s still “leaking” out of the mine at 1200 gallons a minute, according to one report. This has been going on since Wednesday.

Why didn’t they take precautions to prevent the leak?

Investigators underestimated the amount of wastewater, the Durango Herald reported.


The EPA recommended recreational users stay out of the water, putting a halt to summer kayaking, swimming and fishing for the time being, according to CNN.

“Recommended”? Who would go swimming in this?

There’s arsenic and cadmium pouring into the river and they are only “recommending”?

The Sheriff Sean Smith of La Plata County, Colorado, used his authority to issue a restriction .

The EPA also asked farmers to shut off irrigation from the river to avoid contamination.

If a farmer or company caused this, would the government send in their Gestapo to arrest the fools who did it?

The city can produce only about 5.3 million gallons of water a day without using water from the Animas River. On Thursday, the city used about 5.8 million gallons.

The EPA took their time telling people. Thirty-four hours after the leak, one man was fishing when it went from blue to orange and he didn’t know why.

The river is a scenic spot used as the backdrop for the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Will these people be fired? Fined? Will we see photos and videos of wildlife being cleaned with Cascade? If it was a private company, can you imagine the reaction?




  1. Smoke another one, it will turn blue again. Your state help vote this socialist in, now they can tax your pot sales to pay for it. Whats next Red rock turning to Blue rock? Man you all got the good shit, vote for the socialist again. Wheres the green groups now!

  2. This is so wrong just the simple fact that they pumped it into the river and continued to l. What did the dumbass look at the map wrong and the plug on the pump get super glued. Folks I urge everyone to fight this presidency and his counterparts this is all a bigger plan remember it’s all a plan they want to control our food and water supply this just the start.

  3. This is the result of oshit’s bureaucracy meddling in affairs of a state in which they have absolutely no business. The EPA should be closed down and every bureaucrat who had a hand in this should be hung from the neck until they are dead. I lived in the Durango area for 28 years and used to swim and tube this river every year. This is a travesty and the federal government should be sued for every dime that is lost due to this obomination.

    • As I said to someone else, any money they are sued for would be paid with our taxes so what is the point of trying to make them pay a fine?

  4. This is an EPA government fault. Therefore they should have to pay for water to irrigate the farms that cannot access this water for their crops, animals etc.
    If this had been a business or whatever they would have had to be shut down and
    pay for the damages to the government a fine! So what is good for the goose is good for the gander!

    • Do you realize that any fine the EPA would have to pay would actually come from our taxes? How does making them pay a fine make any sense to you?

  5. Before this happened, a man could actually “drink” from this river. But then. this is the EPA, they can do anything they want to, Obama sees to that!

  6. if this was someone’s company they would fine and be working around the clock to get a handle on it the EPA WILL HAVE A HARD ROAD THE PEOPLE WILL WANT TO SEE THE END TO THEM

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