EPA Secretly Mapping Out U.S. Land for Major Land Grab


The EPA is planning to control all land in the United States. They will use The Clean Water Act to take full control over any land that is tied to water. The EPA is using concocted studies to say that all land is connected by water under the earth, ostensibly giving the EPA the power to regulate it.

Land they don’t actually steal will be tightly regulated by bean counters and it will be costly to anyone who “owns” land.

Republican lawmakers, especially Senators David Vitter, Jeff Sessions, and John Barrasso have been monitoring the EPA for some time because of their suspicious actions.

The EPA headed by Gina McCarthy denies wanting to control all land but their actions prove otherwise.

There is proof. After their most recent regulatory power grab, the EPA hired private contractors to compile detailed maps of the waterways and wetlands in all fifty states. They kept it secret.

Rep Lamar Smith of Texas, Chairman of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee, expressed his concerns in a letter to EPA Chief Gina McCarthy, saying, “These maps show the EPA’s plan: to control a huge amount of private property across the country.”

“Given the astonishing picture they paint, I understand the EPA’s desire to minimize the importance of these maps, but the EPA’s posturing cannot explain away the alarming content of these documents,” he added.

The EPA doesn’t want you to believe your lying eyes and denied the obvious in their response to Smith.

They are claiming that maps initiated during the Bush administration to identify vulnerable waterways are merely being updated for no purpose.

The EPA would like you to believe they are unrelated to their regulatory designs using The Clean Water Act.

Smith asked, “If they didn’t plan to use the maps for their power grab, what was the purpose of the expenditure of the taxpayer’s dollars?” The EPA did not respond.

The EPA is redefining the meaning of the word ‘water’ so they can seize control over all water and, as a consequence, all private property in the United States.

The Supreme Court of the United States has defined the meaning of ‘water’ as ‘navigable water.’ The EPA seeks to redefine the meaning of water as all ‘connected water,’ and they are seeking to define ‘connected water as all water, saying all water is connected at some place under the earth. This is so they can grant themselves supreme power to regulate every body of water in the United States. Any water, even ditches, on private property will be controlled.

The EPA began by using a bogus study which says all water is connected to one another deep under the earth. It would mean even puddles, ponds, and ditches along with streams and rivers fall under their jurisdiction. EPA’s Gina McCarthy is an extremist and she is running this show on behalf of Barack Obama.

They are Marxists who see private property as the bane of all existence.

This has been in the works since Mr. Obama entered office and it is a continuation of efforts by Bill Clinton.

The EPA has long wanted to control property because it has something as insignificant as a ditch on it. Some proof lies in the story of Dexter Lutter, which you can read about on this link.

If you want to know how extreme the EPA is, read about this attack on oil and gas. Remember the case of the Sacketts who wanted to build their dream home? How about the time they fined companies for non-existant fuels? How about the ongoing land grabs to save the Mississippi Gopher Frog?

No one will be able to build anything on one’s own private property without EPA approval if this goes through. The fine for not obliging is $37,500 per day.

The EPA is run by extremists in the environmental justice movement. Some states have been fighting back. Read about that side story on this link.

While Barack Obama is conducting a war against fossil fuels, China and Russia have joined forces to build a $400 billion pipeline. Obama won’t even allow Keystone because he is as extreme an environmentalist as there is.



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