EPA Testifies on Gold King Mine Spill With Lies and Doctored Videos

Gold King Mine Spills toxic metals into the Animas River
Gold King Mine spills toxic metals into the Animas River due to EPA negligence

The EPA sent representatives to testify at a House hearing Wednesday on the Gold King mine spill. They dealt with it as one might expect. They lied about a doctored video on their website and about the reason they were at the mine. It was all part of their clumsy cover up. Imagine if a private company did any of this? Fortunately for the EPA, as a powerful government agency, they are completely unaccountable.

During the House committee hearing, the EPA replaced a doctored video from their website with the real one and both versions were shown, The Washington Times reported.

The doctored video did not include the voice of a worker saying, “What do we do now”, in response to the pouring out of contaminated water.

Here is the video pre-doctoring:

In a challenge to all credulity,  EPA spokeswoman Laura Allen said it was “posted by mistake”. The EPA really meant to show the “unredacted version.”

The EPA has a disclaimer on its website saying that profanity from its videos had been removed and license plates blurred, but that otherwise the agency “did not edit the videos.”

The EPA tried to deflect by saying there are many mines that are disasters waiting to happen but they didn’t explain what that had to do with the case at hand.

When they were asked why they waited 24 hours before notifying any of the victims, the EPA representative, Mathy Stanislaus, said the EPA is moving to improve their notification procedures.

What would that be? Might they actually make a call or two next time?

Mathy Stanislaus doesn’t have his facts straight. He said that the reason the agency was present at the mine was in response to a “cave-in”. In fact, the owner of the mine has said that the EPA contractors barricaded the mine last summer and created the disaster.

“This was a result of cave-ins and water buildup. That’s why we were there at the time,” said Mathy Stanislaus, assistant administrator of the EPA’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response.

Todd Hennis, the owner of the mine said after the hearing, “It’s absolute baloney of the worst sort. They blocked off the flow of water out of the drain pipes and they created the huge wall of water in the Gold King by their actions last year.”

Hennis told Colorado Watchdog last month that the EPA dumped 15 tons of hazardous waste into another mine he owned in 2005 and then walled up the Gold King last summer as a means to control water runoff.

He showed the Watchdog photos that appeared to confirm his accusations.

“It shows there was no flow of water coming out,” Hennis said. “They are calling it an act of God when it was an act of government. The photos clearly show the EPA backfilled the portal to block water from coming out and they blocked the discharge pipes at the same time.”

Blocking the mine’s natural drainage triggered the catastrophe, Henning told Watchdog.

The EPA did everything imaginable wrong. They caused the spill, didn’t properly notify the local and state officials and the tribal leaders. They sent dirty water to the Navajos for their cattle and crops. While taking responsibility for the disaster, they haven’t fired anyone and they keep lying about it.




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