EPA Will Raise the Price of Gasoline for No Real Gain Via the “Clean Air Act”



The USA will end up a third rate republic – a banana republic.

Remember when Obama said the price of gasoline will go up, “…get used to it” or when he said “…energy prices will skyrocket?” If you don’t remember, listen to the videos and his own words at the end of this piece. He’s serious and he is fine with your standard of living being equivalent to that of a banana republic.

The EPA is going to pass new sulphur standards on gasoline at a time when we certainly cannot afford it, though that has never stopped them before AND the improved standards are minuscule while the costs are monumental.

Senators from both parties are warning that new EPA rules will raise the price of gasoline at least 25 cents and it will cost the industry about 30 billion dollars. They have written a letter to the fanatical greenie and protector of Mother Earth, Lisa Jackson, who sees danger in every air and water molecule, in anything we eat, and certainly in everything that can be used for energy.

The Senators are pleading with her to back off the unreleased rules, which are ready to go, and which would reduce the sulfur content in gasoline. As usual, she will give no time to prepare for this useless and unnecessary rule.

Next she will be banning waterways that contain sulphur and don’t forget foods, medicines, vitamins, plants, animals, the amino acids cysteine and methionine contain most of the sulfur and worst of all, don’t forget the sulfites in wine. Will she take our wine away too?

Senators Inhofe, Murkowski, Barrasso, Landrieu, Vitter, and Begich sent the letter warning, “If the EPA does not proceed carefully with its regulations, the nationwide price of fuel could increase to the further detriment of consumers and businesses.”

The EPA didn’t respond to the letter but told the media,”EPA is still in the process of developing the proposal.” In other words, they are going ahead with it and costs be damned.

The mis-used Clean Air Act is the vehicle by which the EPA once again exceeds the limits of their authority and ignores Congress.

The current sulfur standard is 30 parts per million in gasoline down from a prior standard of 300 parts per million, which was significant, and now they want to go down to 10 parts, unnecessary, of little value, and very costly.

The EPA rules are why Diesel is 50 cents more than gasoline – think about it – diesel should be cheaper, it’s unrefined.

The rule will be open to public comments, which the well-organized green militia will overtake and dominate. The process and will take a year so it is one more thing people won’t notice until after the election. If you want to read more, simply google “Senators warn new EPA rules will raise the price of gasoline” and most news services will come up.

Obama – gas prices are going up, “get used to it” –

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