EPA’s Gina McCarthy Boasts of Beating the Rule of Law



The EPA is forcing the harshest of rules on Americans. If you think the Clean Water Act or the Clean Air Act are bad, take a good look at the Clean Power Plan which has us on a path to quickly eliminate our fossil fuels. The entire agenda is intimately tied to such leftists as George Soros and the international statists in the UN. Gina McCarthy thinks it’s great that it’s being forced through.

The Clean Power Plan is probably unconstitutional on many levels but the EPA is deliberately pushing it without regard for the Constitutionality because they believe that by the time the courts act, it will be too late. The plants throughout the country will be retrofitted or will have closed down. The course they’ve charted will be set.

The George Soros-funded Center for American Progress (CAP) sponsored a discussion with Gina McCarthy about climate change and the upcoming Paris Summit about which she “is pretty excited.”

CAP was run by John Podesta, Hillary’s chief aide. It was Podesta who came up with the ideas that Barack Obama uses to foist his Big Government ideas on America via government agencies, memorandums, executive orders, and so on.

The Center, which is a Marxist-Socialist organization masquerading as non-partisan, is intimately intertwined with the administration. They are so accepted that they no longer have to act as subversives.

Gina McCarthy talked about the climate change pact/agreement/treaty as a “long term venture” because she knows it will be a slow takeover as we morph into a one world government. It’s a plan for the endless growth of world government.

McCarthy lauded Obama’s successes and “the leadership here in the U.S. and the serious commitments they’ve extorted from other countries. Each of the ventures she discusses, whether it be China, Brazil or India, carries a hefty price tag for the U.S. taxpayer.

Her claim that “people [are] feeling the impacts of a changing climate now” is based on the heightened propaganda from the leftist administration and it’s all based on computer-generated models or outright lies.

However, the Obama climate revolution which is being implemented by the EPA is meeting some obstacles. Twenty-six states and dozens of business groups filed suit against his takeover of the carbon economy, which is essentially the entire energy sector.

The Clean Power Plan was finalized on August 3rd and it orders states to reorganize their energy systems from power plants to electric outlets. The lag time in publishing the rule opened them up to judicial review.

The EPA goal is to get this rule going and they’ve set stringent rules to be met by 2020 which means states will rush to meet the demand and it will be hard to turn it around even if the rule is found unconstitutional or repealed by the next administration.

You can consider the legal implications outlined at the Wall Street Journal but basically the EPA is counting on the lawsuits being too late.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy actually BRAGGED on Bill Maher’s show that however the Court ruled, “Most of [the utilities] are already in compliance, investments have been made, and we’ll catch up. We’re still going to get at the toxic pollution from these facilities.” There is NO rule of law.

The Clean Power plaintiffs can easily demonstrate serious injury. Even the EPA models show utilities will shed 233 coal-fired power planets in 2016 – that’s 20% of the remaining coal generation.

The plaintiffs will probably prevail. This thing is unconstitutional but it will be too late. We won’t be able to bring back the dead plants. The EPA simply rewrites the rules when they get caught.

They are currently rewriting the definitions in a grandiose way and they are getting stays based on it.

The EPA is now claiming more EXPANSIVE authority with NO limitations that can expand as time moves on and, using the pretense of regulating power plants, they will be able to instruct states to adopt green-city building codes such as those that curtail the use of CO2-heavy cement as one example or they can tell an organic farmer to control flatulence in farm animals. The EPA has draft documents entertaining such notions.

Doing these rewrites in of itself is probably unconstitutional but the leftists are doing what they have done all along, get it so engrained that it will be hard to extricate if not impossible.




  1. When Obama took over in 2009, the Left knew exactly where they were in the “great arc of social and environmental justice ” (state- run everything.) The political propaganda, the fawning and accommodating MSM, the takeover of the public schools, all these were fait accompli’s, so all that had to be done was to bring in the “nudge guy” and his wife and Van Jones and Holder and Duncan and all the rest and have them tell the troops, who were already in place, what to do.
    When Obama said they were “five days away from the fundamental transformation of America” it wasn’t a hope or a guess, it was a done deal. Whether with the Democrat Congress they had in 09/10 or without it but by Executive order and regulatory machination, they could do anything, in any policy area, foreign or domestic, including gutting and demasculating the military and creating havoc in Europe and the Middle East.
    The International Communist Movement, in it’s heyday, in cohorts with the mighty Soviet Union, couldn’t accomplish what has been accomplished in the last seven years.

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