Epidemic Proportions: Mexican Farmers Flooding the U.S. with Lethal Heroin


Mexican poppy fields

Mexican military in a poppy field in Sinoloa

The legalization of marijuana and the falling prices that have come about as a result, has had an unsurprisingly negative outcome: Mexican drug farmers are turning from cannabis and filling their fields with opium poppies.

The $4 heroin hits surging across America can be traced back to valleys in the Northern Sierra Madre.

The Washington Post wrote about a wave across rural America but the wave also takes in the suburbs and the cities. On Long Island, high school students are showing up in ERs every week and some of them die.

The flood of Mexican heroin is not being contained by U.S. authorities and places that had never seen heroin use are now seeing epidemics.

Farmers in Mexico’s Sinaloa state, which has the biggest marijuana harvests and the most notorious gangsters, have abandoned marijuana because it’s not worth anything. They say that they wish the U.S. would stop legalizing marijuana so they didn’t have to go to heroin.

Central American farmers are also going to opium. The president of El Salvador is a drug cartel middle man.

Police in Honduras recently found their first poppy farm in a sophisticated greenhouse the size of a soccer field. Police found a 160 acre poppy farm the same week in Guatemala.

U.S. authorities seized 2,162 kilos of heroin last year up from 367 kilos in 2007. Most of the heroin gets through.

The people we allow to come in illegally don’t just come out of love as Jeb Bush would have us believe, many come to sell our children life-destroying heroin. It will destroy our culture as well.

Use of heroin in the U.S. increased a whopping 79% between 2007 and 2012. It is an “urgent and growing public health crisis,” AG Eric Holder warned.

Whereas heroin was obtainable in New York and Chicago before, it is now obtainable in rural areas in New England, Appalachia, and the Midwest, Portland, Maine, St. Louis, and Oklahoma.

Mexican traffickers have set up shop right outside methadone clinics as part of their marketing campaign.

Heroin can be snorted, swallowed, and eventually shot up.

Mexico has surpassed Colombia in the sales of heroin in the U.S. There is no other way to make a living there, the Mexican farmers complain.

Sinoloa is still the worst for heroin production but Michoacan, Guerrero and Oaxaca also grow the plant. Growing poppy is the best paid farm labor in Mexico.

Marijuana comes across with peons carrying it in backpacks. Cartels smuggle heroin inside fake vehicle panels or commercial goods shipments.

Maybe we should halt trade with Mexico?

Mexicans will tell you that the legalization of marijuana has left them no choice but to sell heroin. They have to diversify and make money. If they have to destroy our youth, our people, our culture, so be it.

There is a war on our borders and instead of worrying about making the U.S. into an entitlement states, perhaps President Obama should close down the borders and stop trade with Mexico.

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