Epstein “Dies” in Prison-”Clinton Crime Family” Life Imitating Godfather II Art?


So just as Jeffrey Epstein’s sordid past was about to engulf other very high profile, powerful people, including but not limited to Democrat heavyweights/Clinton allies, George Mitchell and Bill Richardson; his suicide watch was lifted.  After which, he apparently took his own life.  Surprise!

Attorney General Barr was “appalled” and called for an Inspector General Investigation.  The FBI is on it!  Given what people have learned about our top law enforcement agency over the last few months, there may be some righteous cynicism about any findings.

All of the above, like much in corrupt politics, can be found in some aspects of the Godfather I and Godfather II movies.  They weren’t just about mob hits and violence.  There was a distinctive Machiavellian theme in them.  Vito and Michael Corleone didn’t just wantonly kill off their rivals. They first manipulated and outsmarted them, making those enemies vulnerable to meeting their collective ends.

This particular Epstein episode reminds us of when Corleone Consiglieri/attorney, Tom Hagen went to visit Frankie Pentangelli.  Frankie was in solitary under federal lockup.  He was going to testify against “The Family” until his brother was brought over from Sicily.  While the Sicilian said not a word to his kin, “Five Angels” never testified against Michael.

After the aborted Senate hearing, Pentangelli seeks Hagen’s counsel on what to do next.  They discuss politics and Roman history, touching on how those who plotted against the Emperor could save their family fortunes by committing suicide.  

We ask two questions:

      1. Are folks using the term “Clinton Crime Family” “kidding on the square”, or “telling it like it is”?
      2. After looking at this brief, classic clip, ask yourself if this Jeffrey Epstein scenario could possibly be an example of “Clinton Crime Family” life imitating Godfather II art?  


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