Eric Bolling Responds to Sexting Scandal by Suing HuffPo Writer for $50 Million


Mother Jones/HuffPo writer Yashar Ali wrote a hit piece about Eric Bolling and the Fox New’s host’s alleged sexting with three or four unnamed women several years ago. That was followed by hardcore leftist professor Caroline Heldman adding to the accusations.

Bolling was then suspended pending an investigation. Bollling’s name and face have been removed from Fox’s social media pages of his show, The Fox News Specialists.

Bolling tweeted the day after his suspension that he appreciated the support and was looking into legal options. He has apparently found one. He has launched a defamation suit against the writer Yashar Ali for $50 million.

He tweeted this Wednesday afternoon.

Ali says he will protect his sources and stands by his reporting.

The writer says that the fact Bolling is not suing HuffPo but only suing him personally is very telling. He has also said the firm representing Bolling is Trump’s firm.

Yashar Ali reports law firm, Paul Weiss, will investigate the matter and they are tied to Hillary.  Paul Weiss donated $271, 970 to Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. It is also the firm that employs Jeh Johnson.

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