Eric Holder, Desperate and Afraid, About to Be Outed


Former Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday urged Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI officials to “simply say no” to President Trump‘s demand for an expanded investigation into his claims of FBI wrongdoing as it relates to his campaign.

He is trying to stop the investgation on Andrew McCabe, James Comey and all the other crooked heads of the politicized agencies. He’s scared because they are being exposed. Several agents want to be subpoenaed by Congress so they can expose all of them, including Eric Holder. That is really what Holder is concerned about.

“More DOJ norms being eroded. Trump-a SUBJECT of the investigation-wants access to material related to the inquiry,” Holder tweeted.

Breitbart had a different take: “Time-honored DOJ independence” “Separation from White House” …Says the guy whose emails to his wife and mother were protected by Obama’s “executive privilege.”

Holder served as attorney general under former President Obama from 2009-2015 and he got away with Fast & Furious.



  1. They are all desperate and panicking. The defication is about to hit the fan and they’re running scared. If they have nothing to hide it shouldn’t bother them.

  2. I refuse to allow a KGB type of DOJ & FBI to exist in this country. Hold on Holder you are going down with Barry Soreto

  3. Holder is legally incorrect, the DOJ is run by the president, it is not independent, has no right to deny presidential requests.

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