Eric Holder Knows Nothing About AP Records Grab



To follow up on my “they didn’t know anything” article which can be read at this link, Eric Holder testified before Congress yesterday and said he didn’t know who drew up the subpoena for the AP records grab. He also didn’t know when he recused himself.

Excuse me but couldn’t he have asked his Deputy before he appeared before Congress?

We have the daring Rep. Sensenbrenner making a gallant effort at trying to find out who okayed the subpoena. Holder said he is 95% to 99% sure that his Deputy did it.

As he was speaking, there was confirmation the Deputy authorized the subpoena.

Holder can pass off the responsibility but by law he is responsible for it and cannot be a disinterested observer.

via GOP Rapid Response

He didn’t know when he recused himself:

via Wayne Dupree

He never told the White House. The White House doesn’t know anything either.

The left-leaning press will probably drop the matter of the AP records grab now that the White House has changed its mind about a reporters Shield Act.

Holder railed against Darrell Issa for questioning him so I think it is safe to assume he deliberately comes unprepared. He has no respect for the process or the law.

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