Eric Holder Tried to Squash the Brown Robbery Video




Gov. Nixon of Missouri was angry that Chief Jackson did not tell him he was planning to release the video of Michael Brown robbing a convenience store.

Appearing on Meet the Press on Sunday, Nixon said that he disagreed “deeply” with the release of a video allegedly depicting Brown robbing a convenience store, and was not informed of the tape before it was unveiled by Ferguson police.

Nixon has joined forces with the parents and others who said it was an attempt to assassinate Brown’s character.

That’s an absurd claim. The video merely shows fact.

The video shows shooting victim Michael Brown robbing a store violently shortly before Officer Wilson stopped him and his accomplice Dorian Johnson.

A friend of Officer Wilson’s called into the Dana Loesch radio show and said that Officer Wilson stopped Brown and Johnson because they were walking down the street and blocking traffic. As he pulled away, he got the radio call about the robbery and backed the patrol car up because Brown fit the description of the robber.

The video might very well be related to the case.

Nixon is operating as Obama’s puppet and the goal is to persecute the officer, guilty or not.

The U.S. Justice Department, in other words – Eric Holder, reportedly advised the Ferguson police department not to release the video because it will raise passions and is in no way connected to the incident that resulted in Brown’s death.

This is our allegedly transparent administration.

The police department has been under fire for not being transparent enough but the DOJ wanted to keep the tape from the public even though it was requested via FOIA requests.

The DOJ tried to squash the tape. Just by saying it might further anger the community, they are the ones who are inflaming passions and giving the rioters and looters permission to continue.

All Nixon, Holder, and Obama would have to do to quiet this is tell police they have their support arresting criminals and everyone else should go home until the facts are out.

Mr. Obama doesn’t care about the law or justice. That’s obvious. We also should have expected him to support the looters. He supported the OWS aka Occupy Wall Street.

I don’t know if the Officer is guilty or not, there’s not enough information, but Michael Brown was a thug, not a gentle giant. The video clearly showed that. It may well have been the reason Officer Wilson stopped Brown.

Using the video as an excuse for rioters and looters to continue is a new low. Rioting and looting are being encouraged by the President of the United States, The DOJ and the Missouri Governor. We have never seen this in the United States before.

Seems like Obama wants race riots before the election and it doesn’t matter if Wilson is guilty or not. They’ve already tried and convicted him.



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