Holder Calls for Lower Standards to Meet the Burden of Proof So He Can Get the White Guys



Eric Holder will call on Congress to lower the standards to meet the burden of proof in civil rights cases. This would allow federal involvement in civil rights cases whether it’s warranted or not so they can go after the white guys.

“There is a better way in which we could have federal involvement in these kinds of matters to allow the federal government to be a better backstop in examining these cases [civil rights cases],” Holder said in an NBC News interview Thursday.

“We do need to change the law. I do think the standard is too high,” Holder said in the interview. “There needs to be a change with regard to the standard of proof.”

Holder doesn’t like meeting the burden of proof as it currently exists – too limiting.

I think China’s system might be more desirable for Mr. Holder.

Eric Holder is very sorry he couldn’t think of some way to indict Officer Wilson or George Zimmerman.

This is something to be very concerned about the way this government is going. It’s not just talk.


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