Eric Swalwell is running for president with a crappy slogan


Rep. Swalwell, a notorious liar, is the congressman who in November mockingly tweeted he would nuke Americans fighting to maintain their Second Amendment rights. Imagine him with the nuclear codes.

If he doesn’t nuke gun owners, he will imprison them.

His comments were made on Twitter after an exchange between a Newsmax host John Cardillo and famous veteran Joe Biggs.

In response, 82nd combat vet Joe Biggs tweeted that Eric Swalwell basically “wants a war. Because that’s what you would get. You’re out of your mind if you think I’ll give up my rights and give the gov all the power”.

The representative from — where else — California is very far left on every single issue.

Swalwell is an empty shell with little knowledge and few ideas, like Beto, the Irish fake Hispanic.

Swalwell’s campaign slogan, “Go Big. Be Bold. Do Good” will resonate with no one.

Here’s his empty, generic ‘promise’.

He will definitely go bold on damaging the character and reputation of opponents and he will go big on gun control. One can only imagine what his idea of doing good is.

Swalwell recently gave a crazy interview with Martha McCallum and you can listen to that here. He lives in an alternative universe.

If he becomes President, he will push for a law to make it a crime to insult journalists. As his agenda unfolds, you will find he’s not only delusional, but he’s also incompetent.

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