Eric Trump Says Democrat Party Is “Imploding”, Perez Is a “Nutjob”


The Democrat Party is “imploding”, Tom Perez is a “nutjob”.

Yesterday, Julian Assange published an op-ed explaining why the Democratic Party is doomed. Donald Trump’s son told Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures that the Democratic Party is “imploding” and Tom Perez is a “nutjob.”

Perez is the DNC Chair and former Labor Department secretary who once stunningly remarked, “Republicans don’t give a sh*t about people,” he said when talking about the GOP health care plan. “That’s what it’s about.”

Trump said, “I don’t exactly think the message being spewed by the media — the mainstream media, most of them — is really resonating all that well. If you look at the Democratic party — and I keep saying it — they’re imploding. They’ve got no leadership. They’ve got no message. If you look at the DNC, the DNC is half defunct.”

“They’ve got no money in the bank,” he continued. “They have no operation. You look at the head of the DNC. He is, quite frankly, a nut job. I mean, what is the Democrats’ message right now? I mean, what are they running on? All they’re doing is obstructing. And it’s clearly not working because every race, every special election, my father is winning.”

Perez is a a nutjob, no doubt about it.

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