Erica Garner Tweets Link That Could Get NYC Police Officer, Family Killed



At 1:45 am Christmas day Eric Garner’s daughter, Erica, celebrated by linking to the addresses of Officers Justin D’Amico and Daniel Pantalao as well as five possible relatives of D’Amico’s. She tweeted that Justin D’Amico was “another officer that helped killed [sic] my dad”.

D’Amico was involved in the incident that led to Eric Garner’s death but was given immunity and not prosecuted.

Tweet with link redacted:


The tweet was viewed 500 times before someone deleted it from her account. It was deleted only after the NY Post inquired.

She called it “just something light” and included “#Doxx”, which means she’s revealing personal information.

The family attorney, Jonathan Moore, who has initiated a $75 million wrongful death suit on behalf of the family against the city, said Erica “did not have any knowledge of what was in those links.” He said that “Nobody in the Garner family, including Erica, would consciously send information out about the personal address or phone number or any identifying information about the police officers particularly after what happened to those two officers.”

Does Moore’s statement defy credulity?

An NYPD source said Erica Garner’s “disgusting” tweet “poses grave danger” to ­D’Amico.

“She clearly wants someone to go to the officer’s house and assassinate him in cold blood just like Ramos and Liu,” the source said.

The head of the NYPD sergeants union, Ed Mullins, called the tweet “terrible behavior that continues to cause divisive actions throughout the city.”

Her sister Emerald went to the memorial for the two slain NYC police officers only two days ago. She appears to be somewhat different from her sister.

Eric Garner died while resisting arrest for trying to sell one untaxed cigarette outside a store. Arrests like this are made under the direction of mayor de Blasio who filed an untaxed cigarette lawsuit the week of the Garner decision.

Garner had a 34-year arrest record for assault and grand larceny. His 30 arrests included 8 domestic incidents, several for unwanted sexual touching – one of the genitals, according to GotNews and other sources.