Erica ‘go back’ once said her ‘heart goes out’ to man who murdered 17 people


The now-infamous Georgia state rep Erica Thomas should have quit while she was ahead. She rampaged over a fake Trump attack when a ‘white’ man allegedly told her to go back to where she came from while waiting on a store queue. As it happens, her efforts to stir up racial hate were exposed when the man she accused turned out to be a dyed-in-the-wool Trump-hating Democrat of Cuban descent. He says he never said that but admitted he called her a ‘b*tch.’

She took back her accusation but later reversed herself, saying she didn’t take it back. From there, she tried to get the man she accused, Eric Sparkes, arrested. The police declined to arrest him.

Some sleuth on Twitter uncovered a tweet, she just deleted, extending her sympathies to Nikolas Cruz who murdered 17 people. Most of the murdered people were high school kids in Parkland.

“My heart goes out to Nikolas Cruz!! Some don’t know how to cope with being an orphan. I thank God everyday for getting me through the system in one piece,” the lawmaker tweeted.

Thomas included the hashtags: #FloridaShooting #mentalhealth #PrayforDouglas #prayfornik

Her tweet is archived.

There are now calls for this looney liar to resign.

As for her backtracking lie, Tim Young put that to rest.

There is even a witness who said he never heard Mr. Sparkes tell her to “go back.”

This is what we have representing us.

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