ESPN Black Woman Replaced at ‘NBA Countdown’ for Views the Left Doesn’t Like


ESPN’s Sage Steele is out as host of “NBA Countdown” on both ESPN and ABC, the networks announced Tuesday to be replaced by liberal white woman Michelle Beadle who holds and expresses more acceptable views.

Steele is out because she has conservative views and her social media posts are not acceptable to the so-called liberals.

Steele will continue to appear on ESPN’s “SportsCenter on the Road” and she will have an “expanded on-site presence at events such as the Masters, World Series, Super Bowl, the College Football Playoff, and College Football National Championship,” according to a statement.

The leftist Democrats hate the right and will do whatever they have to do to silence them. If they destroy opponents, they will do so gladly.

Steele got into hot water for no towing the leftist company line on a couple of occasions.

In January, ESPN anchor Sage Steele was lambasted for an Instagram post in which she criticized so-called protestors at Los Angeles International Airport who she says caused her to miss her flight and forced fellow travelers to walk long distances while carrying luggage.

“So THIS is why thousands of us dragged luggage nearly 2 miles to get to LAX, but still missed our flights,” Steele wrote. Noting that the seven hour wait for her flight to Houston for Super Bowl coverage “won’t affect me that much,” she added, “I love witnessing people exercise their right to protest! But it saddened me to see the joy on their faces knowing that they were successful in disrupting so many people’s travel plans.”

Twitter users called her ‘selfish” among other things. The bots were very active in attacking her.

Since when did “protesters” have the right to impede traffic at airports or anywhere? Since the hard-left took charge.

In February, the biracial Steele got into trouble again for telling the truth about her experiences.

She told a Christian congregation in Tampa: “The worst racism that I have received [as a biracial woman married to a white man], and I mean thousands and thousands over the years, is from black people, who in my mind thought would be the most accepting because there has been that experience,” she said during a conference on race at the Crossing Church. “But even as recent as the last couple of weeks, the words that I have had thrown at me I can’t repeat here, and it’s 99% from people with my skin color.”

Conservative blacks are pilloried. Leftist blacks are put on a pedestal.

The left is joyous at her demotion because the tolerant Democrats are 100% intolerant. If you disagree with them, they want you destroyed.

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6 years ago

Black folks, the biggest haters on the planet and of their own, no less. Steele will persevere. She’s a talented young lady to which the likes of D. L. Hughley and all other race baiters cannot hold a candle.