ESPN Destroys Broadcaster for Saying the Word ‘Guerilla’


Former tennis pro Doug Adler lost his long-time gig as an ESPN broadcaster after a match featuring Venus Williams at the 2017 Australian Open, LawNewz reported.

Doug Adler got the Jimmy the Greek treatment. He was actually complimenting Venus Williams and used the word, ‘guerrilla’ referencing her winning an impressive point.

Adler said and at least, it’s what he thinks he said, “You’re gonna see Venus move in and put the guerrilla effect on, charging.” Many viewers thought he said “gorilla,” and felt it was a racially charged comment about a black athlete. ESPN made Adler apologize and then fired him.

Guerilla, as in guerilla warfare, is a common term in tennis.

The coward loons at ESPN fired him because the fools who don’t know English branded him a “racist”.

So who are the bigots? The ones who use a harmless term or those who read something racist into an innocent word?

They killed this man’s career and he ended up having a heart attack.

Venus Williams should have stuck up for him.

People shouldn’t have to worry about every word they use through a prism or race. It’s absurd and very unAmerican.

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