Variety Says ESPN Won’t Televise the “Polarizing” National Anthem During NFL Broadcasts


ESPN won’t televise the National Anthem during Monday night football. They are taking the coward’s way out, but that’s okay, we aren’t going to watch it anyway.

“We generally have not broadcast the anthem and I don’t think that will change this year. Our plan going into this year is to not broadcast the anthem,” said Jimmy Pitaro, ESPN’s president, speaking to reporters Friday. Broadcast teams will likely make exceptions as news dictates, he added.

ESPN televised three national anthems last year, two that took place alongside moments of silence following national tragedies.


Variety said the Anthem is polarizing. This lends support to the idea that the ultimate goal of the leftists pushing these athletes is to rid the games of the Anthem. It’s part of the cultural transformation the hard-left is forcing on Americans.

Via Variety:

Once a rote part of many athletic events, the anthem has become a polarizing aspect of NFL games, as some players choose to kneel to protest treatment of African-Americans in the U.S.

Many sports networks do not regularly broadcast the anthem, but the decision has become politically fraught after President Donald Trump has urged the NFL to clamp down on the practice.

The hard-left is polarizing, not the Anthem. It’s only polarizing if you’re a traitor.  They don’t want to support the nation or the military.

No one in the media will report this honestly.

ESPN is being disingenuous about their reasons. In June 2017, one of their hosts said playing the National Anthem is political and today the ESPN President made a point of saying they’re not political. That’s the line they’re going with.

Last September, the NFL players knelt for the National Anthem in the UK but stood respectfully for Britain’s National Anthem.

They likely agree with the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo that America was never that great.

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5 years ago

Any ESPN viewer or listener that does not know it is a left wing operation is unattentive.

Networks will not broadcast the anthem because they are not patriotic and want to gloss over the problem, while their editorials support the protests.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

What a disgrace to the many military men and women who have died to defend our country and our freedoms. More of the socialist trend to transform our beloved country into a third-world hellhole.