Establishment News! Comey Is Coming After Trump Next Week to Take Him Out


The Former FBI Director James Comey will appear before the House Oversight Committee next Wednesday and there is a strong feeling in D.C. that Comey is coming for Trump. When Comey appears before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, as a common citizen he will be able to say a lot more and it won’t be favorable to Donald Trump.

There is no question that President Trump is dealing with the worst assaults on a President in our lifetime. Anything he does or says, from eating two scoops of ice cream to talking to a Russian, becomes fodder.

Recently Trump fired James Comey who most certainly deserved to be fired. His bizarre and illogical reasoning in exonerating Hillary Clinton was cause enough. However, Trump might have been better off if he offered Comey another job because now he has chalked up one more self-centered and angry enemy with power.

Matthew Miller, who served as the DOJ’s Director of the Office of Public Affairs under former Attorney General Eric Holder, interviewed with the Washington Post and hinted or speculated that Comey was building an obstruction of justice case against him.

If Comey feels Trump was attempting to obstruct justice, he must legally report it. Perhaps he reported it to Loretta Lynch or perhaps he was building a case as Miller thinks.

Miller, a left-wing contributor to MSNBC, has a broad background at DOJ and in government and is in a position to have inside information. Miller has also said Comey left a paper trail. He knew about this latest leaked memo in which Comey wrote up the comments Trump made suggesting Flynn didn’t need to be harmed further.

Miller did not offer proof in the article — and we will have to wait and see if he’s correct — but there is little doubt Comey will attempt to save his reputation and will try to take Trump down.

Do remember that Comey felt “mildly nauseous” that he might have impacted the election. That could be taken a couple different ways, but Comey, by his actions, has shown a predisposition to supporting Hillary and putting Trump in the crosshairs.

Comey has refused to investigate the leaks coming out of intelligence which truly is a disaster for this country, whether it’s Trump being spied on or not.

Comey freely speculated before Congress that Putin preferred Trump to Hillary and yet he presented himself as a fair and non-partisan director. He is a political hack and not a bona fide agent, that’s a fact.

In the WaPo article, the speculation does ring true on a couple points — one in particular. Miller said that because Comey is a “showboat”, he’ll come after Trump.

“You just look at his [Comey’s] actions in the [Hillary] Clinton case, where he made himself the central player when there was no reason for him to be the central player,” Miller said. “That aside, his entire history shows that he likes to be at the center of attention.”

On the obstruction of justice premise, Miller says Comey might have let the one incident pass – the one we just heard about in which Trump suggested he let Flynn off the hook. But that could have been an attempt to build a case. [The FBI is at times accused of entrapment.]

“But if you’re trying to build an obstruction-of-justice case, you might want the president to keep talking, because everything he does is digging a deeper legal hole for himself,” Miller said. He also speculated that Comey may have stayed on, instead of resigning as Trump’s FBI director, in order to dig that hole a little deeper. “Comey might have wanted him to keep talking to see what he says,” he suggested.

Knowing Trump, he could say anything that could be misinterpreted – he’s a businessman, not a politician.

Our alternative to voting for Trump was to choose a Marxist who would have furthered the move to the far-left. Trump is probably the last chance to save what this nation was built upon.

Recently, Comey made it clear no one interfered or could interfered easily.


  1. “It is his combative style that is pissing everyone off: friends, advisors, allies.”

    Really?? Keep falling for American Pravda. How do you explain the Countless amount of people who’ve left after consultations and have literally praised him and his openness. So, it is YOU who is clueless. If you want to exonerate the press when they have admitted what their intentions are then it is doubtful you read much.

  2. Jan Williams

    That was quite apparent. One of the complaints about politicians is they are Not forthcoming and dance around questions. What we have on display is a glaring example why those politicians use that tactic. Since Trump was no politician and didn’t want to Behave as one, he has been upfront and uncompromising in his pursuits. What will be unfortunate is he most likely be FORCED into “Becoming” a politician in order just to maintain his authority as a person And as President.

  3. You only KNOW what the media WANTS you to know.

    How do you KNOW he doesn’t listen to anyone OR goes it alone OR is impulsive.

    The only reason you believe this is the “worst” Presidency is the narrative generated by media organizations. They are all on display during the W.H. Press briefings. Clearly if the press took this tactic with everything that went on with Obama he would have been drummed out of office.

    These news organizations have declared their purpose, which is to take down Trump. It was declared even before the election.

    What you Should be concerned about is what this will lead to. It is one thing for the Press to hold politicians accountable but this is going far beyond that. This has become a literal THREAT to the sustaining of a Democracy.

    • Nope I know it from his own mouth. He has stated for decades how he makes his own decision without listening to consult. He is onrecord for YEARS! And this latest Comey fiasco is yet another example. Stop with the media nonsense.

    • And Greg his is merely stating opinion now? I don’t think this is our worst presidency in my lifetime from the news! Seriously? It is his combative style that is pissing everyone off: friends, advisors, allies. It is getting to the point where his allies can’t defend him anymore. He is his own worst enemy, not the press. Open your eyes sheeple.

      And Jan I am no troll I just don’t agree with much of what you write.

  4. “There is no question that President Trump is dealing with the worst assaults on a President in our lifetime.”

    You must be joking. All of this administration’s mess is of its own making. Trump doesn’t listen to anyone-not the public or his advisors. His go it alone impulsive behavior may’ve helped land him on Penn Ave but it doesn’t work well if he plans to stay there.

    There is no question the U.S. is dealing with the worst presidency in our lifetime due to one person: DJ Trump.

    • This is name calling with no incidents cited. Most of the site readers here try to think on their own. So does Trump.

      • Ha ha thanks Lombardi you gave me a good laugh with that response of yours. I appreciate it!

        Cite incidents? Are you serious? There are too many to list!

  5. Considering that conversation of Trump / Comey was the day AFTER Flynn was fired those remarks by Trump can easily be understood as benign, especially with the wording being “hope” and Flynn is a “good man”. I can easily assume Trump thinking the firing would result in no further need of investigating and THAT was his Hope.

    One thing IS for certain. Since the Media Empire are doing everything in their power to assault the President I will not accept any of their reports and put trust in Trump instead. All they are doing is making my support more and more concrete.

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