EU & UK reach a God-awful Brexit deal


The EU and the UK have reached a Brexit deal after the people and the Queen insisted. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the EU President Jean-Claude Juncker announced the [beginnings of the] deal.

Amendments are being added as we speak. It’s far from vote-ready.


Nigel Farage doesn’t think much of it but he will be dismissed as an extremist by the extremists. He said this deal only forces the UK to go into years of negotiations with the EU and they won’t get a deal unless they give up their territorial fishing waters and stay in regulatory alignment with the European Union.

That means they won’t be making their own laws in their own country on employment regulations, environment, and so much else. It is simply a new EU treaty binding the UK into new commitments.

Scotland doesn’t like it.

The Democrat Unionist Party is opposed. The one thing Johnson promised was there would not be no internal border between Northern Ireland and the rest of Ireland [trade] but that is what he did:

Once a government is in the hands of clutching, greedy, statists, it’s pretty much over. That doesn’t mean they should give up. Their internal forces won’t allow a clean break which Johnson tried to do.

Bill Clinton was one of the moving forces in pushing European nations to join the hard-left conglomerate. It was only supposed to be an economic union but now Brussels dictators determine every nation’s fate on most issues.

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