EU Won’t Renegotiate Paris Treaty Proving It Was Never About Climate


The European Union has rejected Donald Trump’s offer to renegotiate the Paris Treaty, proving it was always about bleeding the U.S. dry and appointing globalists as our governing bodies.

The Paris climate agreement is written so as to be an endless drain on the U.S. economy. If they cared about the climate, they’d work with us. It doesn’t help that we have traitors within our own country.

The leftists in this country will be not be dissuaded. A corrupt deal has been worked out with U.S. states and major corporations who will betray the President of the United States.

New York state and New York city, Pittsburgh, California, Washington, and Silicon Valley, among others have vowed to abide by the treaty that was never legally implemented by Barack Obama. The three states that signed up so far account for 25% of the U.S. GDP.

If the Paris treaty signatories can accept some of our states and municipalities, why can’t it be renegotiated? I guess it can be after all.

The treaty – which is recognized as a treaty by every other signatory – was never ratified by 2/3rds of the Senate. Former dictator Barack Obama ignored the Senate and simply called it an accord with the help of a complicit U.N.

The guardian reported that Angela Merkel, who is destroying her country’s sovereignty, said “nothing will stop us”; France’s Macron said he “respects this decision” but he thinks Trump made a “mistake for the U.S. and the planet”; and Theresa May of Britain is disappointed.

While 195 nations say they support the agreement, not all have signed and most, if not all will not abide by it if history is precedent. Most nations don’t have to do a thing for more than a decade. The U.S. bore the burden and now our own countrymen will betray us to the globalists.

The non-binding climate pact called for voluntary compliance which most, probably all nations won’t carry through.

The Paris signatories believe Trump will be ousted in 2020 and this is only a bump in the road. They will hold out until then as they wait for the ultimate goal of having the U.S. to transfer the wealth and resources earned and developed by Americans.

The Paris agreement included the Green Climate fund which is, as President Trump described, one of the scams that demanded an immediate $100 billion from the U.S. and would increase over time. That is in addition to the billions we already send overseas.

The treaty even has an Orwellian International Tribunal for Climate Justice which would quickly run roughshod over our Constitution.

Rachel Kyte, a leader in the financing of the global climate change initiative and an avowed leftist, spoke honestly last year at a Soros-Podesta funded conference at the New Republic, an extremely far-left online publication.

She is planning for global governance by the U.N. members, governance which will be funded with hundreds of billions of dollars from the U.S. with side agreements to keep the money flowing in perpetuity, and finally, this new global government will manage the world’s economy and land use in the United States.



  1. So what they are saying is there’s no point in having the organization if the US isn’t shoveling our tax dollars by the billions into Eurotrash and other country’s pockets? If 195 countries are for it, whats stopping them? reduce your carbon footprint on your own or STFU, oh, you need our money to do it, ok!!!!!

    • The United States Constitution, Art. I, Sect. 10 forbids States from making either any agreement with a foreign government, or participating in making any compact between and of the States of the United States. The federal sphere is one this and the States are not federal! These idiots need to read their federal Constitution!

    • you right wing nazi’s aren’t even smart enough to remember your own conspiracies …. petrodollar was a creation of nixon taking us off gold standard and giving us the ability to …. INFLATE …. DEFLATE … the … PETRODOLLAR …. at will in order to …. EXTRACT A TAX. That is why you little nazi’s fight so hard to keep dirty energy and your so stupid your forgot you were … AGAINST IT …. before you were …. FOR IT. Because it’s how we maintain corporate empire

      • Nazi’s were never Right wing. They were always Left wing. Just because your nutty professor with his agenda driven communist studies told you so does not make it fact.

      • So, in your brainwashed mind, that fails to realize that Hitler basically ran and was initially elected on much of the same platform Bernie Sanders, it’s not possible that both the mainstream left AND right have been coopted by fascists and crooks? It’s people like you who are stuck in both ignorance, and brainwashed by the bogus, fascist two party system that keep us stuck and hopeless.

      • Sadly, you don’t know what a Nazi was. If you were educated in the United States in the last 25 years, this is not surprising. It has been mind-numbing to watch your same group cry about Fascism after having lived under it for 8 years without a complaint. Then, voting for communism because you dont know that Switzerland lives under a CAPITALIST/Socialist system that is purging the socialist part because IT DOESN’T WORK. You held them up as the PROOF Democratic socialism works because a lying old communist told you that to suck you in. Basically, you don’t have a single clue what any of these words mean that you toss around. You are draining your own right’s by fighting to strip all who do not agree with you, of their’s. Your group is too daft to realize once your Constitution is gone, you can’t use it either, so good luck with those Free speech ” zones” . You follow a group of idiots who cried, rioted, and continue to carry on over a woman who stole Bernie Sanders nomination. She stole your Candidates rightful nomination. And you fight for her. instead of thinking she got what she deserved in the end? It’s astonishing.

  2. The no renegotiation part is great news. Trump should have never offered and needs to get the leftists out of the WH.
    Not convinced that cities and states have the authority to enter into a foreign treaty but maybe it will be a good thing. Just need to cut off the federal money so their local economy pays the price and then perhaps the people will wake up and kick the elected idiots out.

    • Bad news dude. Kalifornia is possibly the richest state going aginst the FED, and their budget is and has been running in the red for sooo long now; Like so many other states under the left’s control, they can’t afford to manage what the citizens are taxed to maintain; like schools, utilities,hiways, bridges, dams. The money was collected, but it was spent for union and political representatives Bloated retirements, welfare, and support”bribes” to illegal aliens and refugees, to buy the vote and keep the Left’s politics in power. Typical Socialist Democrats, !! it only works when you are taking taxes from the people and redistributeing to others which haven’t earned it, keeping the biggest piece for your rotten socialist self.and the other commie rulers.

  3. It’s the globalist gang trying to set up a massive fraud scheme to establish central control of world finances. It’s the biggest takeover attempt in world history.

  4. After 10 years of negotiations, 195 countries agreed to the Accord and started working on the voluntary goals that each of them selected. Why would the negotiations start again and what does Trump want? The Accord is voluntary and the only enforcement is peer pressure. If Trump changes the modest goals put forth by Obama, he can do that. Trump’s main goal seems to be to prove that the US is no longer an international leader and that foreign policy is based on how ideas will play to Trump’s perceived political base. Now China is the international leader and the US is giving the moral high ground to China and Europe.

    • Your reasoning is flawed on so many levels. China “has the moral high ground”. They don’t contribute to global issues and have a government that illegally subsidizes manufacturing for trade and do all they can to steal intellectual property. For a libtard this is the moral high ground. The US pays more than its share for NATO which is primarily for the protection of Europe. The US pays far more than its fair share for the UN which is currently controlled by 3rd world countries. Add to this that there is nothing of substance to the whole climate change scam. We are currently at a huge deficit, which is illogical and not sustainable. But fools would have us continue to spend what we don’t have to fulfill the agendas of anti American, power hungry globalist, chief among the the NAZI/Commies of Germany followed by the French who were resounded defeated by the Germans Twice. The US spent its fortunes and live freeing these people. Time for EU to stand on its own feet.

    • @BillD. No, after 10 years 195 countries support the Accord, and 147 ratified it. Additionally, the world’s two BIGGEST polluters (the US is only#3), China and India not only don’t have to abide by it, but they’re given a pass to GROW their carbon footprint… Ever been in a 5 handed poker game, where the biggest contributor (loser) to the pot bows out? Everyone else, fat and happy, is disappointed… Well, Trump gathered up what chips Obama and Kerry didn’t lose, and left the (rigged) game…

    • Billd are you really that naive did you forget the fact that it is based on the money that the U S puts into it did you not know that Germany’s climate has risen 2.4 % did you not understand how the world bank will automatically take money from the U S and give it to places like India so they can burn more coal and have over 10 years to meet the so called global standard and do you realize tha China’s pollution was so bad it affected the Olympics and hasn’t improved since also that any country can ignore the goals placed on them yet the US still has to pay billions of Dollar’s. but then again just maybe you are that naive and just a whiny liberal

    • Bill, I think you’re the only one that read the 27 page agreement. These other guys are just regurgitating what they get fed by their propaganda machine. Your assessment may be correct, we are losing leverage to Russia, China and the EU.

  5. “The text of the agreement includes a provision requiring developed countries to send $100 billion annually to their developing counterparts beginning in 2020. That figure will be a “floor” that is expected to increase with time”……….sounds like a giant atm machine for somebody, who would be tracking the money to make sure it goes for CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!!!!.

  6. So what they seem to be saying is there is no point to the illegal treaty unless the American Cash Cow is involved. This treaty (NOT even close to an accord. Its an actual treaty) was never signed off by congress (2/3 required for any treaty if im not mistaken) and as such, America is not bound by it. On top of it all, the Global warming crowd have a hand in this along with the Global Government folks. Overall a STUPID idea for American taxpayers and American National Interests.

    • Spot on!!!!! ChuckB, just follow the money and you will find the truth to what this is about!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Both the US and China pledged $3 billion to help poorer countries adapt to climate change as part of the Paris Accord. Which country can be counted on?. Which country will be looked up to as an international leader? What country will look to the US to do the right thing or even anything on international issues?

    • “What country will look to the US to do the right thing or even anything on international issues?”

      The phrases “right thing” and “international issues” = what exactly? The willingness to sell-out We the People for pie-in-the-sky pseudo-science? Glo-Bull Warming/Klimate Change = utter nonsense that serves the interests of the tiny Ruling Class cabal and to some extent turd-world dictators who are eager to play-ball with the Ruling Class Scum?

      Your day has come and gone. Your obesience to your cult and its ad hockery doctrine is now a heavy liability in a world governed by Reality and actual science.

    • The US pledged nothing. The Obama administration unconstitutionally signed on to the Paris Accord without the advice and consent of the Senate because he knew it would wipe its ass with the accord and never pass it as a Treaty.

  8. Both the US and China pledged $ 3 billion under the Paris Accord to help poorer countries adapt to climate change. Which country is most likely to follow through on their pledge? Which country will be a leader among the 195 countries that signed on to the accord and who believe that climate change is the most important problem facing the world?

  9. I doubt most of the critics of Trump’s decision have taken the time to research exactly what he objected to. Those specific are not being discussed much in the mainstream media. Again, we’re seeing a very focused narrative that puts spotlight on how the USA was one of the few nations who refused to sign… The reality is Trump is just once again doing exactly what he said he would do. It seems very hard for certain individuals to phantom just how little he cares about the favor driven dog and pony shows that littler global and local politics. The Paris Climate agreement is just a pledge countries are making with no enforceable action for those who fail to follow through. If there were enforceable action it would mean sacrificing our Sovereignty to make the pledge and part of Trump’s word to his base is to uphold the US Sovereignty above globalism. His decision is really not about his personal views on climate change as much as it is Trump just staying true to his word.

    Approaching it like a business man and not a politician, he saw the pledge as a bad deal for the US. Many Fortune 100 companies have already reaffirmed their commitment to environmental standards. That’s the missed point here, Trump’s decision not to sign the agreement just means the US Government is going to leave a lot of the environmental decisions up to the Corporations instead of letting Government get their hand in it and thus allowing the Globalist lead agenda to force an unfair, unenforceable agreement on the US.

    We are living in interesting times were a very large percentage of the US population are essentially denouncing US Sovereignty altogether and begging for a World Government. I would say the majority of the Democratic party seems to have more globalist views than national views. This is all coming from indoctrination. If you visit France, visit Japan, visit Turkey, visit Germany you find very distinct cultures. You find a great deal of national focus and a desire by the people to preserve their unique culture. In the US the narrative has made it so Generation X’ers forward seem to despise any specific Americana related culture. There is distinct drift towards dissolving borders, embracing other cultures (except traditional Americana/Roots), it all leads to the sacrifice of sovereignty. This is the way the enemy seems to be doing it, through indoctrination using entertainment and our education system as tools.

    To the ignorant, if all their favorite television shows and teachers are saying the same thing then even what ins’t true will become true in their mind. To a deep rooted propaganda. So deep even those conveying the message are often just parroting.

    • Well expressed Jeremy. I have argued these same points on other sites but it usually ends in name calling. The left hates Trump so badly, they are blinded to where this whole thing is headed. Bottom line, it is all about the money and the power of one global government. Sadly, the ordinary citizens favoring this agenda think they will be better off. They need to look further into the governing of many European socialist countries. That 1% at the top cares little for the rest of the population. Not sure I will live long enough to see it but it’s coming. I may plagiarize some of your text in my future responses!

  10. Probably one of the poorest written and researched articles on Climate Change to have appeared anywhere.To think that this Accord is entirely politically motivated is both childish, and ignorant of the facts. We are killing our planet.

    • If we are “killing our planet”, then why do those who claim we are doing so still flying off to swank resorts to conference, instead of teleconferencing? Why aren’t they advocating for nuclear power?

      As Glenn Reynolds puts it so well, I’ll believe it’s a crisis when those who say it’s a crisis actually ACT like it’s a crisis.

      Then again, maybe not … this is Leftist ideology, crony greed, and Chicken Little hysteria, covered with a thin veneer of “science”. Consensus is not conclusive proof … ask Galileo about that.

  11. It’s amazing to see people even arguing down in the *comments* Considering this entire website is right winged bullshit written by someone with no credible sources…

  12. The Paris Accord is all the proof anyone needs that “climate change” is simply another socialist attempt to spend other people’s money. It is the intersection of junk science and junk policy.

  13. If individual companies, municipalities, Bill Gates, and big corporations in the U.S. want to follow the Paris accord to lower their carbon footprint on their own, all the power to them. They can fund their efforts with their own money.

    There is no reason for the U.S. government, and the American taxpayer, to fund the project while other nations sit back and suck American taxpayer dollars into their economy.

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  15. The “journalist” here must be the thickest individual around. The people who believe it, the most gullible. What a joke of a “newspaper” this is. Thick, thick, thick.

  16. This “article” is complete shit. Lol.
    The US was not obligated to give anything and we could use our own funds on our own soil regearing our own industries like China and India did. They invested trillions, created jobs and cut their emissions in half the time we managed to but you have to SPEND THE MONEY AND IMPLIMENT THE CHANGES. It is a collective effort and the money goes to whoever uses it to reduce the same problem. The fact that Trumptards make up all this hype about “globalism” and can’t grasp something so simple proves the level of ignorance they operate on.
    Friggin hilarious!

  17. That look on her face pretty much sums it up. Says, “Tourists Welcome Here, but bring your own body bags!”

  18. Talking about fake news.
    What are the numbers..195 countrys agreed on the Paris agreement (thousands hours of preparations and labour of all the participents, all payed by taxpayers of all those countrys) and Trump thinks al those countrys will renagotiate everything again just for his fun.

    This anti-positioning of Trump is not about the Climate and not in the best interest of the US taxpayers.

  19. The problem is, their more socialist countries can not compete with free market capitalism, so they concocted a scheme to hamstring the USA and siphon off funds to subsidize their dysfunction and inability to develop and thrive. Of course it has nothing to do with climate, environment or science, but ideology. It’s been going on for about 29 years now, so it is multi-generational, and still none of their hysterical fears and predictions have come true. But truth also has nothing to do with it. Europe’s feudal system was dominate for centuries and the USA and free market unmasked it’s failure:)

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