Eurocrats Call for a European Superstate


A call just went out for a European Superstate. This is a call by proponents of globalism and open borders to seize control of separate nation states to achieve leftist goals.

The leaders of the lower chambers of parliament of Germany, Italy, France, and Luxembourg have called for a European “Federal Union” in an open letter published in Italian newspaper La Stampa on Sunday, RT reported.

They want a political union with greatly expanded powers.

According to RT, in the letter, four representatives of EU governments – Claude Bartolone of the French National Assembly, Laura Boldrini of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Norbert Lammert of the German Bundestag, and Mars Di Bartolomeo of the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies – say that closer cooperation is essential for dealing with problems that no one EU state can tackle on its own, such as immigration, terrorism, and climate change.

Now is the time for this Federal Union Superstate, they said, because one state can’t handle the enormous problems on their own.

“Now is the moment to move towards closer political integration — the Federal Union of States with broad powers. We know that the prospect stirs up strong resistance, but the inaction of some cannot be the paralysis of all. Those who believe in European ideals, should be able to give them a new life instead of helplessly observing its slow sunset,” the letter read.

How is this different from what Russia did? This is voluntary but it will end up the same.

The yearning to be enslaved and taken care of is strong and even more powerful is the desire of the bureaucrats to rule.

RT reports that they expect the Union to have broad powers to deal with immigration, terrorism, and climate change. Ironically, anything they suggest would inevitably lead to more mass migration, more economic deprivation, more terrorism. One thing they undoubtedly would suggest is to spread out Germany’s migrants.

The Eurocrats want more replacement workers and a European Superstate would certainly speed up the process. The open borders pushers have ads on Facebook, Twitter, in newspapers, explaining – in Arabic — how to get free benefits and what countries to get them in.

Fear of nationalist and populist movements interfering in their globalist plans is at the core of this.

Calls for a United States of Europe have been going on for years, only it would be more like a Soviet Union.

The EU is a failure and the left wants to make it worse.


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