Europe’s Political Left Admits It Was Humiliated in 2017 [Video]


The right and so-called far-right in Europe has become the mainstream thought, the consensus. In some areas, the center-left has ceased to exist. We are seeing the rise of the right, Dr. Turley explains in this video.

Across the continent, 946 districts held elections, but center-left held their own or improved in only 56 districts – that’s under 6%. The pendulum is swinging.

Almost 94% districts voted for the center-right and far-right, including hard-left in some cases. The center-left has all but disappeared in Germany and Austria.

Dr. Turley quotes the NY Times as issuing a dire warning to the center-left as a stream of thought that is disappearing throughout Europe.

Dr. Turley gives details of what happened in this video. Much of it was prompted by the open borders/

h/t Jim Soviero

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