EU’s Commie President Will Celebrate Marx’s 200th Birthday


If you are wondering why the EU is in such trouble with their open borders and politically correct culture, wonder no more. We have the answer. They have moved so far left, they are no longer Westerners.

A case in point is the man who represents them as President of the EU Commission.

Jean-Claude Juncker will travel to Trier, Germany, where he will give a speech to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth.

Mr. Juncker was invited to the celebration because he is an honorary citizen of the small German town, which is also the birthplace of the great German unwashed one who was one of Marxism’s founding fathers. During his lifetime, Marx didn’t bother to work, he just philosophized.

Marx’s ideology only led to the deaths of about 100 million people, and that doesn’t seem to bother Juncker or his many supporters.

There is still some hope for the EU. Some realize how bad this is.

Ukip MEP and the party’s former leader Paul Nuttall said: “It is appalling that Jean-Claude Juncker feels it necessary to commemorate a man whose ideology – Marxism/Communism – led to more than 100 million deaths.

“Both Marx and his warped ideology should not be commemorated, they should be consigned to the dustbin of history.”

Then again, maybe there is no hope. A commission spokeswoman said not going would be like erasing history.

She said: “After decades of experience in politics at a national and European level, President Juncker is very well aware of the historical facts and sensitivities and whatever people’s views on Karl Marx.

“I think that nobody can deny that Karl Marx is a figure who shaped history in one way or the other.”

Great defense. Juncker is going to praise the man.

“Not speaking about him would come close to denying history,” she concluded.

They should celebrate by condemning his dangerous ideology, not praising him.

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