EU’s Facebook ruling means one country can decide free speech worldwide


The EU ruled with finality that Facebook can be forced to remove content worldwide. Facebook, for their part, says it’s not their job to monitor or remove speech that may be illegal in other countries.

We think the West has lost its proverbial mind. They give away the freedoms they fought for in the last century. These are the technocrats in Brussels now making decisions for the world. Facebook announced they will sue.

We know the answer. They’re totalitarian and are guided by Marxist PC.

Facebook issued a statement. “This judgment raises critical questions around freedom of expression,” they wrote, “and the role that internet companies should play in monitoring, interpreting and removing speech that might be illegal in any particular country.”

Facebook charged that the decision “undermines the longstanding principle that one country does not have the right to impose its laws on free speech on another country.”

There is NO appeal! It also forces them to monitor more heavily. “It really unleashes a whole new gamut of risk and worries for Facebook in the EU,” said Wedbush Securities managing director Daniel Ives.

“This shows a sharpening divide between the way the EU is handling privacy and data content versus the U.S.,” Wedbush’s Ives said. “It poses broader risks for Google and other big tech companies as the ‘Brussels versus tech’ battle continues to take hold.”

It all began when Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek, of Austria’s Green Party, sued Facebook to remove a news story that she considered libelous. An Austrian court ruled in her favor. The country’s top court then asked the EU to weigh in.


“The ruling essentially allows one country or region to decide what Internet users around the world can say… and what information they can access,” said CCIA Europe senior manager Victoria de Posson.

“What might be considered defamatory comments about someone in one country will likely be considered constitutional free speech in another. Few hosting platforms, especially startups, will have the resources to implement elaborate monitoring systems.”

Lawmakers in the U.S. are also considering tighter regulation of Facebook and other tech giants. Politicians in Europe have gone much further on a variety of fronts. Including passing stricter data privacy laws in 2018.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. You had to know the loons would eventually ruin the Internet.

So why do does Facebook freely shut down conservatives, libertarians, some classical liberals, religious people and leave the likes of Farrakhan and Hamas online?

Do you think they will finally get it?

We don’t believe Facebook is capable of learning from their mistakes. They have biased leftist fools censoring publishers.


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