Even If You Hate O’Reilly, Look at the Fascists the NY Times Admits Got Him Fired


Even if you hate O’Reilly and believe every story of harassment against him, look at the Fascists the NY Times admits got him fired. The newspaper doesn’t hide the role of the hard-left groups. Quite the contrary, they’re proud of the effort. In fact, the Times presents their role in a positive light as if Fascism, like that which we see on campuses, could ever be reasonable for any reason.

The New York Times “report” of sexual harassment claims against Bill O’Reilly was the indirect cause of his firing as were advertisers pulling out, but behind those curtains is a more insidious and growing power.

Whatever people think of O’Reilly, people need to understand what actually took down the top personality on the reviled Fox News network in a matter of weeks.

The New York Times wants people to believe the advertisers came upon the idea of pulling out on their own and in an article yesterday, they quote a Mercedes-Benz spokesperson who was fearful of the allegations.

Before going further, one must be keep in mind, these are “allegations”. O’Reilly was convicted without a trial. The pressure, as Glenn Beck has said, is on the accused to “settle” and settlements are in no way an admission of guilt.

Yes, there is a lot of smoke but smoke has a way of expanding in the wind without much of a flame.

Getting back to the advertisers pulling out, they didn’t come upon this on their own. After quoting one company spokesperson, they admit who were actually behind the 50 brands pulling their commercials from his show, The O’Reilly Factor.

The first mentioned by the Times is Color of Change, which is communist Van Jone’s organization. It is hard-left. This is the quote from the Times.

Companies are “a bit on edge about how they engage and react in this moment,” said Rashad Robinson, executive director of Color of Change, an online racial justice group that encouraged its million-plus members to protest Mr. O’Reilly’s behavior.

“On the one hand, they’re trying to reach a broad audience, and on the other, they’re trying to maintain a loyal consumer base and loyal employees,” he said in an interview. “Placing their brands next to figures or platforms that don’t have to adhere to the same standards their employees do can often lead to problems.”

Color of Change also “got” Glenn Beck as the Times boasts:

“Our effort around Glenn Beck took two years and hundreds of advertisers,” Rashad Robinson, executive director of Color of Chang said.

The Times then mentions “Grab-Your-Wallet, a group that recently tried to destroy the only member of the LL Bean board who voted for Donald Trump even though she voted for Obama twice. The far-leftists who run the boycott group are intolerant preachers of tolerance. Grab Your Wallet was started by leftist Shannon Coulter who was active in the absurd Women’s March 2017 organized by a terrorist and two criminals.

This same group also harassed companies that sold Ivanka Trump products. From the Times:

Numerous social-media-savvy groups are capitalizing on that to potent effect, both to expose where advertisers are placing their ads and to mobilize people into registering their concerns. The online boycott campaign #GrabYourWallet, aimed at brands tied to President Trump, has pressured companies like Nordstrom and T.J. Maxx to stop carrying products connected to Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter.

Shannon Coulter, a founder of #GrabYourWallet, said that consumers — women, in particular — were realizing their own power. [She should say, leftist women]

“There’s this growing consciousness that our consumer dollars are basically funding our own oppression in some cases,” Ms. Coulter said in an interview. “That we are the customers of companies that are buying advertising that supports workplace environments that support serial sexual harassment.”

She added: “There’s a lot of dots being connected right now between consumers and companies. And the ease of contacting a company through social media is fueling it and adding gasoline to the fire.”

The Times also boasts of Media Matters’ role. Media Matters is run by the dirty tricks guy David Brock and is supported by and intimately tied to billionaire leftist George Soros.

“You need to be able to mobilize supporters to mount enough public pressure that they feel they need to respond,” Angelo Carusone, the president of the liberal website Media Matters and a veteran of advertiser boycott campaigns, said of Fox News. “You’re actually making a business case that keeping him on is inherently risky.”

There is a warning in the Times article to people who defend Trump running for office:

He (Robinson) said that many of his members drew a direct connection between Mr. O’Reilly’s behavior and that of President Trump, who defied allegations of sexual harassment and assault to win the election. The fact that Mr. Trump publicly defended Mr. O’Reilly, calling him “a good person” during an Oval Office interview, only intensified the activists’ resolve.

There was nothing grassroots about this. It was driven by the hard-left, the millions of members in their collective organizations and their botnets who went wild on social media. The Times wants you to believe it was grassroots. Listen to hard-left New Yorker Letitia James:

“That further inflamed the grass roots, and women in general,” said Letitia James, the New York City public advocate, who organized protests outside Fox News’s Manhattan headquarters and has called for further investigations into the network’s workplace culture.

The Times also praises Sleeping Giants. Again they are the hard-left MoveOn subsidiary. MoveOn is a Clinton-Soros-Brock organization. I’ve been to MoveOn meetings undercover and they are as hard-left and as corrupt as any organization can get. The Times writes:

News of Mr. O’Reilly’s departure was met with jubilation by some online activist groups, including Sleeping Giants, a popular Twitter account created in November to pressure brands into removing ads that appear on Breitbart News. The anonymously run account had extended its mission this month, urging advertisers to pull sponsorship from Mr. O’Reilly’s show.

“Thanks to all of the Giants, the many collaborators and the advertisers who stood up to sexual harassment,” the group wrote in a Twitter post on Wednesday. “You did this.”

To recap, hard-left groups sent emails and bots to 50 companies and got O’Reilly fired as they’ve been wanting to do for years. They did it with old stories and a few, new, ridiculously unsubstantiated ones that included no evidence. They always do this when they want to get rid of someone who is not a leftist. They did it to Herman Cain for example.

The NY Times chose to hire a reporter two years ago who was very left, very anti-Trump, and anti-O’Reilly and she is the one who was given the story.

The reporter who co-authored the mostly-rehashed allegations earlier this month was Emily Steel who was threatened by O’Reilly for claiming the host exaggerated his Falklands war coverage. Her reporting followed a Soros Mother Jones report.

There is a revenge motive on the part of the now-deliriously-happy Steel and her bosses. It’s a message to other hosts.

No matter what you think of O’Reilly, look at the bigger picture and how easily and quickly he was fired because of the hard-left Fascists who took on the mission. They are no different than Antifa, they just choose a different type of violence to silence all opposing voices. Don’t kid yourself, O’Reilly helped Trump – a lot and he paid the price for that too.

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6 years ago

They need to put O’Reilly back.

6 years ago

I think we can state, unequivocally, that there are media entities that are a danger to society.

I was listening to a caller into a show who made the statement that if a company ‘pays’ out a settlement then the person Must be guilty. THIS is the danger the media empires are engaged in. Unfortunately it is like the commercial where the girl says, “It’s on the internet so it Must be true”. A good many people will automatically assume what they see on TV or read in the predominant press is true and factual. I’ve even heard co-workers believe in certain things seen in movies.

Fortunately I was raised in an atmosphere that fostered critical thinking. Otherwise I may have been just as uninformed as those in the predominant culture.

These same people who went after O’Reilly were apparently the same who went after Rush Limbaugh. An investigation ensued and it was discovered that those responsible amounted to less than a dozen.

Since there have been effective lawsuits against those who damage a business it is time to use that same process to end these extortionist tactics by the left.