Even Jake Tapper Couldn’t Tolerate Tom Perez’s Absurd Performance


CNN reporter Jake Tapper asked Tom Perez why Keith Ellison is still the DNC Vice Chair after his ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic abuse. Tom Perez threw out the usual meaningless talking points but Tapper called him on it.

At one point, Perez tried to say “Democrats have never hesitated to take action.” Tapper wasn’t buying it and mentioned Kennedy, Bill Clinton, et cetera.

It’s nice when Jame Tapper acts like a real journalist.

As if that wasn’t enough, Tom Perez actually tried to say the economy was better under Barack Obama. Tapper called him on that too, reminding him that wage growth now is better than in seven of the eight years of the Obama presidency and for all four years of Perez’s Department of Labor tenure.

This is what socialism does. Socialists like Perez have to lie and pretend they were successful.


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