Even President Trump Can’t Get MSM to Correct Misreported Stories


During his speech at the Youth Summit for Turning Point USA this weekend, President Trump said about the corruption in the media, “I can’t tell you how bad it is.” The President added that the White House will call when the media reports a story incorrectly but they then refuse to correct it.

If the President can’t get the media to correct misreported stories, what chance do any of us have to get the truth?

“It would be so great for our country if they in fact were straight and honest,” he said.

Wouldn’t it though? The fact that the media are almost totally leftist activists makes them very dangerous, in our opinion.


Case in point. Joe Biden’s rallies are very sparsely attended. His recent event in Iowa was held in a small room with about 100 people, and one of them was a protester complaining about medical errors, The American Mirror reports.

The media took tight photos to make it seems as if it’s a large, standing room only crowd when it’s a teeny standing room only crowd.

His staff and reporters are also in the ‘crowd.’

As PJ Media pointed out, the Des Moines Register posted slews of photos and they were deceiving. They take the shots to make it look like the room is long and they darken the back seats or they just focus on him.

The media is taking sides obviously and they are willing to lie to present a false picture to readers. We have reported this any number of times before with several of the candidates.


The stock market is soaring, wages are rising, and minorities have jobs. So, Democrats say, let’s impeach him.

In the past two weeks, the President got the USMCA trade deal he negotiated approved, he delivered on the Space Force, secured a spending bill, continued building the wall, eliminated more Obamacare taxes, and signed legislation to provide permanent federal funding for historically black colleges and universities.

He did all this while he was impeached, and he gets zero credit from the media.

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