Even the Dem Resolution Against the President Violated the Rules


There aren’t too many champions in Congress these days, but Rep. Doug Collins is one and he is fearless.

The Georgia Republican told “Fox & Friends” that Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s speech on the House floor Tuesday was “clearly over the line.” Not only did she violate the rules during her speech, but the title of the resolution itself violated the rules.

There is a strict rule against ad hominem attacks against a sitting president on the House floor.

The Democrats, along with four Republicans and one Independent, passed a resolution condemning his ‘go home’ Sunday tweets as ‘racist.’ They weren’t at all, but truth doesn’t matter. It was a strictly partisan ploy.

He explained that the floor is meant to be a place of decorum. It wasn’t that. It was utter chaos and Doug Collins blames the Democrats for it.

Why would he expect rules to matter? Democrats continually violate our laws, starting with open borders.

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