Evergreen College President Scurries to Meet Demands of Unhinged Black Power Students


A degree at Evergreen College certainly can’t be worth much. It appears to be a mill. A professor from the school was on Tucker’s show Friday discussing the insanity during a week of protests. He was threatened for teaching while white during the anti-white protest at the school.

The college President has allowed this to go on for a week and is caving to their every wish.

George Bridges

The students had a long list of demands. The President is going along with their wishes. For example, they no longer have to hand homework in on time.

By caving to the wishes of unhinged students, the President of Evergreen, George Bridges, is teaching them that this is how they get their way.

“All of us are students and have homework and projects and things due,” said the protester during a meeting between students and George Bridges, Evergreen’s president, reported Campus Reform. “Have you sent an email out to our faculty letting them know? What’s been done with that?”

“That is the first thing I’ll do,” replied Bridges. “I have not done it yet. I’ll do it right now.”

“So they need to be told that these assignments won’t be done on time. And we don’t need to be penalized for that,” said the protester while gesturing with her hand.

This is what happens when a false narrative about victimized black students is perpetrated and when the college administrators are cowards.

Watch the video as the students tell the President how to behave, treating him in a most degrading manner. All these students should be expelled. Instead, the President is caving.


The President is grateful for having these dopey kids scream “Black Power” and curse in his face, according to his address which began,  “I’m George Bridges, I use he/him pronouns,” The Washington Times reported.

“Let me reiterate my gratitude for the passion and courage you have shown me and others,” Mr. Bridges said in his remarks, as reported by student newspaper The Cooper Point Journal. “I want every one of you to feel safe on this campus and be able to learn in a supportive environment free from discrimination or intimidation.”

He ended his speech with, “I welcome your questions. I hope we can break bread together and continue the conversation informally.”


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