Every Dem Candidate Smears Trump & Supporters After Mass Shootings


People on the right do not have to apologize for mass shootings any more than Democrats have to apologize for the Dayton shooter who loved Elizabeth Warren and Satan.

The President isn’t responsible either. He isn’t spreading hate. All the hate has come from the left, twisting his words or blowing them out of proportion.

They hate Jews, Justice Kavanaugh, conservatives, Mitch McConnell, the President, the Trump supporters they can smell in Wal-Mart, and on and on. Democrats hate, period.


Blaming Trump is popular and flies with the ill-informed. Every Democrat candidate for President is blaming the President, exploiting a terrible crime. They are calling him a white nationalist as if he were Hitler. Anyone who supports him is, therefore, a Hitler follower.

Here is a sample of the exploiters’ vicious invective:

Far-left dufus Robert Francis O’Rourke said Sunday, “We have a problem with white nationalist terrorism in the United States of America today…these are white men motivated by the kind of fear that this President traffics in.”

The sanctimonious Cory Booker used two TV interviews to make the case that Donald Trump is responsible.

Among other vile comments, Booker said, “We have a president of the United States who is particularly responsible. My faith has this idea that you reap what you sow. And he is sowing seeds of hatred in our country. And this harvest of hate violence that we’re seeing right now lies at his feet. When you have the president, from the highest moral office in our land, talking about invasions and infestations and shithole countries, the kinds of things that come out of his mouth that so harm the moral fabric of our nation, he is responsible. He’s responsible when he has taken no action whatsoever to even condemn white supremacy, even when his own FBI is talking about this being sourcing major parts of our problem.”

Crazy Bernie, who wants a communist revolution, blames free speech and the President. Bernie says that language matters – that mentally unstable people see it as a sign to do terrible things. He’s calling for people to go into the streets with their hammers and sickles, but that’s okay.

Son of a famous communist professor, who is himself very radical, Pete Buttigieg, blames Trump.

Mayor Pete says, “This White House amplifies hate, and people who are in the grip of this hateful, extremist ideology feel validated from all the way at the top.”

The descendant of violent slave owners, Kamala Harris blames Trump, and smears half of America with claims of ‘white nationalism.’ There is no ‘white’ anything. That’s racism on her part.

She says, “Trump has emboldened white nationalism across our country. He needs to go.”

Violence by radical Islam isn’t a problem for the MSM and Democrats, violence by the radical left is ignored, violence by Antifa makes them heroes. If a radical white person commits violence, they are a serious domestic threat, they must be conservatives, and they must be condemned by every conservative or they are co-conspirators without a soul.

Elizabeth Warren, a totalitarian, says, “We need to call it out: Fox News is a hate-for-profit machine that gives a megaphone to racists and conspiracists.”

It didn’t stop there.

She raged on, telling Don Lemon, “We need to call out white nationalism for what it is—domestic terrorism. It is a threat to the United States, and we’ve seen its devastating toll this weekend. And we need to call out the president himself for advancing racism and white supremacy.”

These people are opportunists and very dishonest. They know the President and his supporters have nothing to do with any of this. Our failing culture is far more of a problem.

Candace Owens was outraged by the smearing of Trump supporters.

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