Everybody Wants to Be France & Levy Carbon Taxes


French riots/protests should serve as a cautionary tale, but they are not.

If the ruling elite keep pushing these oppressive carbon taxes, people will rebel. The media is doing their best to cover up the initial cause of the unrest in France, and the overwrought U.N. is trying to push their hysterical climate change report.

Then there is Trudeau.


Canada’s Trudeau is going to insist on carbon taxes. He’s running on them.

“Scrap the job-killing carbon tax,” has become the rallying cry for Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Premier Doug Ford and his political allies across the country. They hope to defeat Trudeau’s l carbon tax hawks.

About 40 countries, China, Japan, and ten EU nations have imposed prohibitive carbon taxes on their countrymen for no discernible benefit. Australia already repealed them.

Democrats want carbon taxes in the U.S., but President Trump has no interest in levying any more taxes. Dems run on raising taxes and cutting the cuts to taxes.

The Trudeau tax penalizes those who can least afford them. “It penalizes farmers, it penalizes industry, it penalizes Canadians,” said Candice Bergen, head of the Conservative opposition in the House of Commons, predicting the tax would not be the boost to the environment that backers claim.


The U.S., Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait refused to ‘welcome’ a BS study on worldwide climate change at the U.N. this weekend. The study is meant to terrify people into welcoming taxes. The money will then go to dictators in Banana Republics.

The U.S. wants the word ‘welcomed’ replaced with the word ‘noted.’

The French are rioting, at least initially, over the carbon fuel tax. The MSM is insisting it has nothing to do with the Paris Accord. That’s not true in that the fee is what they wanted to impose as a result of that Accord.

Now the French rulers are exploring the possibility that RUSSIANS FOMENTED THE RIOTS! Damn, those Russians again!

It indeed is possible, but that isn’t the cause.


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Richard Maxson
Richard Maxson
3 years ago

The average person exhales 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide per day. There are 7.2 billion people on the planet, which amounts to 16.5 billion pounds of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere every day just by people breathing. That’s 8.25 million tons of CO2 per day.

Charles Ross
Charles Ross
3 years ago

But ya’ll forget that many/if not most of those frenchies have a white flag hidden in their homes.

3 years ago

I hope the British leaders are paying close attention. The insane carbon tax to make the 1% richer is bad enough. Then the EU drops their borders and lets an invading army of Muslims march in and take everything from their natural born citizens. This is gonna get ugly. France is just the fuse for much of Europe to explode.