Everyone knows who the whistleblower is except the American people


Democrats have decided the whistleblower no longer needs to testify. We will all be deprived of hearing this “brave” whistleblower’s testimony. How convenient. The ‘courageous’ partisan is a coward who doesn’t want to show his face and throws bombs from a hiding place.

The reason seems clear to us. We believe it is because the whistleblower’s only purpose was to start another probe. Hiding the whistleblower and then making him disappear is more of a corrupt process.

The whistleblower has no first-hand knowledge and is, in reality, a leaker. The second whistleblower has wholly disappeared.

We know the first whistleblower is a ‘politically-biased’ CIA officer who worked in the White House. He also has ties to a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate and worked with Joe Biden in the White House.

Most people know the name of the whistleblower. Fred Fleitz told Lou Dobbs last night, and he told Chris Cuomo on CNN that the White House knows, CNN knows, a lot of journalists know, Congress knows, Twitter knows, but the only people not allowed to know are the American people.

Democrats promised open hearings in November, but that will never happen.

This impeachment inquiry process is a Soviet-style inquisition. Nothing like this has happened before.

Rep. Ratcliffe discusses the FISA abuse report and its ties to the Barr probe on this clip.


Fleitz mentioned the Graham-McConnell resolution, signed by 46 senators so far. He said it’s excellent and it is. The full text is here. Now, Sen. Graham needs to start up those hearings he promised. He said he is waiting for the IG’s FISA abuse report, and that is now due in November.

The report will allegedly show why the Barr-Durham inquiry was opened.


The name being bandied about is Eric Ciaramella, a Susan Rice protegée at the NSC. He helped draft Rice’s anti-Trump talking points before the inauguration. He was a mover and shaker in the Trump-Russia conspiracy theories. He was brought into the White House by H.R.McMaster, who brought in several anti-Trumpers. He had access to every conversation the President had.

He is a Democrat and was Obama’s director of Ukraine at the NSC.

That suggestion might have begun with author Seamus Bruner who makes a good case placing Ciaramella as the number one suspect, much of which he tweeted out here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Mr. Bruner makes it clear we don’t KNOW he’s the whistleblower but he checks a lot of boxes.

Intel guy Greg Rubini has a thread with even more connections on this link. There are others with additional information.

The whistleblower’s name is probably being held back because of his partisan bias.



  1. This is a full blown partisan hit job on our President by insiders with ties to Obama done to downgrade Trump supporters and influence voters.

  2. This isn’t a whistle-blower it’s a cockroach blowing annal fumes. (Cockroach’s flatulate more than any other creature.) that should keep AOC busy. So, the Cockroach blew in the stink bugs, Schiff’s ear with a lie they probably colluded on creating to start this congressional infestation of termites to borrow in and destroy the House of the legislative body of our government, The Peoples House. If that isn’t a Treasonous offence, what is? That House needs an exterminator before it can do any more damage to our nation. Round-Up comes to mind as the light of a new day and decade 2020 clearly exposes them for the disgusting vile blight they are. I worry less about Russia and the mid-east goat fornicators than the insurgent traitors that are borrowed in and infested in our own country. Trump is right; We have wasted time, money, and precious lives cleaning up everyone else’s crap pile when we have our own to dispose of.

    • Keep in mind that “liberalism is a serious mental disorder” devoid of common sense and logical thinking. Thus, Schiffy is probably listening to the voices in his head and confuses them with real flesh and blood people. There ya have both WBs and all who are sure to come along. Like most of those on the left, he’ll implode at some point and act out for all to see.
      Just sayin’.

      • I know it’s 2019 and that I’m behind the times on many things, but I must ask, what does “WBs” stand for? I am honestly straining to attach any translation. Thanks.

      • Uhh…yeah…got it now…”whistle blower” Yes, behind on many things, but the recent change in definition is convenient to some but second hand hearsay is still nothing more than second hand hearsay…..unless you absolutely hate Trump and will “do anything” (wink wink) to impeach, or even merely smear, him. Yes, indeed, liberalism is a mental disorder, chock full of deficits of reality testing and abstraction. Ok, move along…..nothing to see here……

  3. the whistleblower is being hidden b/c he is fmr cia op eric ciaramella if not let him disprove it. also, why is mr atkinsons testimony being hidden……………………………..prob proves sciffty met w/the whistleblower

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