Everyone Needs to Watch Katie Hopkins Documentary ‘Homelands’


Homelands is a cautionary tale by British writer and activist Katie Hopkins. The 42-minute documentary exposes the demographic changes in England, Belgium, Italy, France threatening their sovereignty and way of life. We have it embedded below.

The massive integration of Muslims has endangered the indigenous populations. Whites are minorities in many of their towns and some towns are no-go zones. England is a nation of ghettos.

The Muslims will not assimilate, they are building mosques and changing the culture and politics.

Some native people are fleeing. It has impacted their economy, their freedoms, and their security. Women and men not wearing Islamic garb are harassed in their own countries.

The second part of the film concentrates on the plight of Jews in France. They are afraid to live openly as Jews.

    • I might be going out on a limb here, but I think it’s happening. It’s not getting the attention it does in Europe, because our country is so expansive. In the last 2 weeks, 3 girls were sexually assaulted and beaten, one is dead. They don’t mention whether or not the attacker was a Muslim or not.

  • The deep state will not protect you. Notice that the “experts” never cite European demographic changes as a major security threat to the US. Some of our major allies are crumbling. The “experts” do the same on the border. These “experts” think Trump is a threat.

  • There are a number of ironies in this video. Most Muslims dress differently than Europeans and are brazenly open about their intentions not to integrate and do things like they do “at home”. Most Jews dress like Europeans, but want to keep their traditions and refer to Israel as “home”.
    The Rabbi wants to know about the “Labour Party” and questions their motives, yet, it was the Labour Party under Tony Blair and his Immigration Minister Barbara Roche, a Jewess, who wanted to rub the noses of Britons in multiculturalism. Corbyn is only continuing that mindset, but unlike the Blairites with their Lord Cashpoint, he is calling out Israel for its actions against Palestinians, some of whom are Christians. The reality is, Katie, there is no political party to represent native Brits.
    The fact of the matter is, in most countries suffering from the onslaught of 3rd world immigration, Muslim or otherwise, Jews have been at the forefront of promoting it. Whether those doing the promoting, actually speak for the majority of Jews, is question to which I have no answer. However, it is reasonable to believe that, for Jews, just like the rest of us, the political movers and shakers do not represent the views of the majority.