Everyone’s Ignoring the State’s Attorney in the Epstein Case -UPDATE


Labor Secretary Alex Acosta stepped down on Friday over the controversy about the way he did or did not handle a sex crimes case against wealthy businessman and hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein a decade ago when he was U.S. attorney for southern Florida.

Secretary Acosta appeared on the White House south lawn with President Trump and informed reporters that he is resigning. President Trump said it was Acosta’s decision to resign, and said he did a “fantastic job” as Labor Secretary. His resignation is reportedly effective one week from today.


When Alex Acosta gave the press conference Wednesday to explain why he didn’t do more in the Jeffrey Epstein case of 2005-7, he blamed the State’s Attorney in Palm Beach, Barry Krischer. The media is only focused on Mr. Acosta and demands his firing. Even Fox New’s Chris Stirewalt claims every day Acosta’s on the job as Labor Secretary, he’s hurting the President’s election chances.

Yesterday, the left-wing Miami-Herald published a very harsh report aimed at indicting Acosta.

Acosta shouldn’t resign because the media is demanding it. That’s the same media ignoring Barry Krischer, the popular left-wing State’s Attorney of Palm Beach. If Acosta did allow the travesty, he might need to go but not because the media said so.

Barry Krischer

Palm Beach loves Democrat Barry. He’s all the Democrat area could ever want so they give him a lot of awards and he’s very visible in all the right places. He was tough on crime until Jeffrey’s case came along.

The sweetheart plea deal that was given to Epstein shocked police. Palm Beach Police conducted a comprehensive sexual battery investigation involving Epstein from March 15, 2005, through February 2006. After speaking to dozens of witnesses, and conducting meticulous searches, they ultimately found that there was probable cause for him to be slapped with five felony charges.

However, Kirscher says the grand jury only returned one felony count of solicitation of a minor for prostitution.

The police chief was shocked and blindsided. He believed this was part of a cover-up to conceal the names of Epstein’s high-powered friends like Bill Clinton.  He sent a blistering letter.


Epstein only received 13 months. The sheriff’s deputies had to escort him to his office each day and called him their ‘client.’ His house arrest allowed him to jet off to his private island.  He was not treated as a level 3 sex offender.

The judge was also shocked. She grilled prosecutors before she signed off on the State’s Attorney’s deal.

Circuit Judge Deborah Dale Pucillo blasted the state’s decision to allow Epstein to skip a sex offender treatment program, saying, “You feel his fancy-pantsy private psychiatrist is adequate in lieu of a sex offender treatment program?” Prosecutors insisted that was the case.

And she grilled them over their decision to let Epstein serve time in county jail instead of the much harsher Department of Corrections.

The prosecutors fought for the deal. The judge reportedly rolled her eyes as she signed the deal.

Epstein and his pal Bill — who had flown many times on his orgy plane and even visited his private Caribbean sex island — were likely thrilled at the result, RadarOnline reported.

The media kept silent for years. They were part of the cover-up of a serious pedophile’s vile acts. Now they suddenly care and are doing a lot of virtue-signaling. They are complicit.

The victims had no idea of the deal that was made. They were not informed. One victim was only 14 years old.

The only reason then-AG Alex Acosta was involved, according to Mr. Acosta, was the police were infuriated and contacted him. Acosta indicated there wasn’t much they could do because this was an interstate case.

Epstein claims he was a co-founder of the Clinton Global Initiative. But Clinton’s political career is over and he’s now a no-never-mind, but the President isn’t. Are they going to make this about him? We know this will be a very nasty election cycle and this could become an issue.


Krischer says something completely different.

Krischer writes, “If Mr. Acosta was truly concerned with the State’s case and felt he had to rescue the matter, he would have moved forward with the 53-page indictment that his own office drafted. Instead, Mr. Acosta brokered a secret plea deal that resulted in a Non-Prosecution Agreement in violation of the Crime Victim’s Rights Act.” He concludes, “Mr. Acosta should not be allowed to rewrite history.”

A 53-page indictment sounds very significant as does the grand jury’s decision. On the other hand, why did he only get one felony count? Maybe he should have interviewed more witnesses.

Still, this was a STATE case, not a federal case.

Updated with information about Acosta’s resignation and Kirscher’s statement.

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