Evidence of MSM paying off FBI for leaks coming soon


Rep. Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz told Fox News late on Saturday that evidence FBI agents were paid off by the media for leaks will come out before the DOJ Inspector General report.

“One of the other nuggets that the inspector general is working on is the corruption that existed between the media and members of the FBI,” Gaetz said. “Where members of the mainstream media were giving concert passes and athletic tickets and other incentives to people in the FBI to leak to them so we’ll be seeing that even before we see the inspector general’s report on how this fraudulent investigation began.”

He might have gotten the information from Reps. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan who recently discussed the FISA investigation with Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General. They claim the DOJ and FBI abused the FISA process and misled the FISA court – the FISC — in Spygate — the spying on the Trump campaign via Carter Page.


In June of 2018, The Washington Times reported the leaking FBI was being paid to leak with all kinds of gratuities.

Michael Horowitz already “identified instances where FBI employees improperly received benefits from reporters, including tickets to sporting events, golfing outings, drinks, and meals, and admittance to nonpublic social events,” in his last report. There were no recommendations for discipline or criminal referrals for these infractions because they did not fall under the scope of his investigation.

Horowitz’s current investigation is probing the culture of leaks at the FBI. The report at the time stated it “will separately report on those investigations as they are concluded.”

That could be a violation of the law. If it’s not a violation of the law, it should be. It’s not moral.

It sounds like collusion to us.

Everyone pays off everyone.

Court documents confirm that Fusion GPS, the company responsible for the debunked “Trump dossier”, paid off three journalists between June 2016 until February 2017, the Washington Examiner reported.

Everyone seems to have a price, and not a very high price either, especially when it comes to framing the President and his team.

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4 years ago

Something to think about. Over the period of the investigation we are aware there were numerous leaks. Now we can be certain, without doubt, they came from the Mueller team. Evidently their desire was to give a roadmap as they progressed. When, on one occasion, a leaked story was in error, in an unprecedented move the Mueller team gave a press release noting the error. This would suggest Mueller’s team was content with the creation of a “particular story”. Surely Rosenstein was aware and knew of the leaks and the story it was generating, and must have been satisfied with it. A conclusion can be drawn that Rosenstein was complicit, by inaction, and a question can be asked is; Instead of wearing a wire, a better alternative is to have the media do the dirty work.

With Barr installed as AG it was no longer possible to continue the charade. The look on Rosenstein’s face at the press conference suggest disappointment. The timeline of interviews show that June 9, 2017 was the last interview dealing with collusion. From then on all interviews were about obstruction. A majority of interviews were regarding Comey’s obstruction allegations. The leaks at the time were damaging as Trump insisted, and was told, he wasn’t under investigation. There was a great deal of suspicious actions in all this but whether we will eventually see justice is another matter.

Sanford & Son Salvage LLC
Sanford & Son Salvage LLC
4 years ago

A once mighty law enforcement agency isn’t paying well enough so that agents have to sell info as a $ide Hu$tle?
Or, agents with an animosity or bias towards a certain real estate mogul/business tycoon who was pressed into service as a politician due to national emergency?

John Vieira
John Vieira
4 years ago

The politicians had years to corrupt the DOJ, FBI etc., and were able to “hone” their procedure in the 8 years preceding 2016. The mainstream corrupt media has been in “lock step” all along the way!!!