Evil Cuomo Gives College Grants, Scholarships to Illegals, Citizens PAY


The far-far-left governor of New York just passed a new Dream Act which gives college scholarships and grants to illegal aliens. Many citizens won’t get the same benefit. This is money that should be extended to citizens if anyone.

Socialist Governor Andrew Cuomo is unleashed! Cuomo has Socialists in charge of the legislature. He can do anything and is doing anything he wants.

His latest move is to give illegal aliens access to state financial aid and scholarships for higher education. He signed a bill for his version of the Dream Act which extends to all youth being brought in at any time. The Dream Act was supposed to be limited to youth who came in by a specific date, but Cuomo will give it to all.

It’s a benefit most citizens don’t get but will pay for illegals to get.


The New York bill will affect an estimated 146,000 young people who were educated in New York public schools but have been ineligible to receive financial aid under federal and state law, according to an analysis by the New York State Youth Leadership Council and N.Y.U. Law School’s Immigrant Rights Clinic.

Republicans balked, but there are too few of them to matter. Cuomo doesn’t care what they or their constituents think.

“How am I supposed to tell families in my Senate district that adequate state aid to help afford college isn’t available for them, but it is available for others who are in this country illegally?” said Republican State Sen. James Seward.

Media is portraying it as a rebuke to Trump, but it’s, in reality, an attack on citizens. Cuomo is far-left and is replacing citizens with more like-minded people. The evil NY Times says it’s all because of Trump. No, it’s not. It’s all because of the Socialist Governor, period.

It’s an open invitation to come into the country and the state illegally.

He has already pushed through bills approving state driver’s licenses for illegals and reduced maximum jail sentences for certain misdemeanors so the criminal illegal aliens will not be deported.


Cuomo wants to be sure this state is solid Socialist blue for all time.

The New York Immigration Coalition and other open borders advocates are pushing for lawmakers to “dream bigger” and address issues like expanded funding for immigrant legal services and health care for illegal aliens. Cuomo will do it.

Cuomo just signed a radical and evil abortion bill. More gun control is coming also.


CUOMO SAYS AMERICA WAS NEVER GREAT! His idea of great is Venezuela with all-powerful Democrats and the rest of us feeding the pigs.



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