Evil, Disgusting USA Today Article Hideously Lies About Judge Kavanaugh


A USA Today hit piece, dated September 29, insinuated Brett Kavanaugh was a child molester. The disgusting, outrageous attacks by the leftist media have reached a new low, even for them.

The title of the article is: USA Today hit piece says Kavanaugh should ‘stay off basketball courts when kids are around’. The evil author is Donovan Slack. He actually put his name on the piece accusing the judge of being a pedophile. Outside of murder, that was the only thing left to the hideous leftists in the media.

This is literally a replay of the Salem Witch Trials. They are destroying him as much as anyone they might like to kill.

They edited out several paragraphs but the entire article should have been trashed with an apology.

The article was presented as news, not opinion, and seemed to destroy his reputation and his ability to coach basketball.

“This is a truly evil piece,” tweeted Charles Cooke, editor of the conservative National Review magazine.

“Irresponsible, inflammatory, foolhardy, opprobrious and thoughtless article serving no purpose than to further add contempt to someone’s name who has not been proven guilty of any crime,” wrote a Twitter user, joining the choir of more than 7,000 overwhelmingly negative comments on social media.

The article was indeed horrendous, evil revolting, beyond the pale.

They edited two sections because they realized they were even too much for their revolting selves.

One section edited out:

Brett Kavanaugh testified the other day that he might never coach girls’ basketball again. [It was is his opening statement at Thursday’s hearing]

He shouldn’t — at least not until further investigation has concluded.

The US Senate may yet confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, but he should stay off basketball courts for now when kids are around.

At the end, it had this statement, but it was taken out:

The nation is deeply divided. sometimes It feels like we don’t agree on anything anymore. But credibly accused sex offenders should not cash youth basketball, girls or boys, without deeper investigation. Can’t we all agree on that?

Not one of the accusers is even credible. Blasey lied her fool head off, Ramirez remembered only after spending six days with her Democrat lawyer and the third client is a nut job. Aside from that, since when is someone who allegedly sexually molested a kid in the same age group — a pedophile?

What frakin’ evil people.

The article included this photo of him alongside his daughter’s basketball team which he coaches. They want to bully him out of the running and don’t care at all if they destroy the man.

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