Evil Hillary Riled Up Bernie Sanders


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Bernie Sanders is now walking back his comments about Hillary Clinton’s emails during the first Democrat debate. He wants the investigation to GO ON!

He made a lot of news when he told Hillary he didn’t want to hear about her “damn emails” any more but now he’s probably sorry he ever said it since Hillary has been out insulting him to get his poll numbers down.

Sanders gave an interview to The Wall Street Journal Thursday in which he was asked whether he was dismissing the Clinton email controversy.

He said no and admitted that there are “valid questions” about concerns that there was classified material on Clinton’s server. And yes, Sanders thinks the federal investigation is appropriate.

“You get 12 seconds to say these things,” he said of the debate setting. “There’s an investigation going on right now. I did not say, ‘End the investigation.’ That’s silly… Let the investigation proceed unimpeded,” he said.

Sanders gave Hillary a pass during the debate and she returned the favor by calling him a sexist and pulling the race card on him.

She’s such a witch.


She called him a sexist about half a dozen times.

Bernie responded:

Clinton was in Charleston, South Carolina, addressing the local NAACP last week. She spoke with the massacre of nine black people in a Charleston church by a white racist as a backdrop. She talked about guns and added this: “There are some who say that this [gun violence] is an urban problem. Sometimes what they mean by that is: It’s a black problem. But it’s not. It’s not black, it’s not urban. It’s a deep, profound challenge to who we are.”

According to Slate, the only person who made comments like that were Bernie.

In addition to being an evil witch, she’s a liar. Washington Free Beacon posted this montage of her Benghazi lies.


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